Evan Longoria commercial makes me giddy

Ah. he makes me feel like a 16 year old with a crush on a school kid, not a 31 year old who’s never seen him hahaha! Last night I heard a commercial on tv and they said Evan Longoria but I couldn’t figure out what it was. So I looked it up and found a description and a video.

The description on the other site says:

, Evan Longoria races through a city like an action hero, chasing a ball cap and charming pretty women for a new commercial airing nationwide on baseball telecasts.

He sprints through a courtyard, jumps on a streetcar, and hops on a water scooter

Man, I wish I could see that. Ladies, can you describe it to me? Or just tell me what he’s wearing? Do I sound creepy…..ahah!

No word yet on if I’ll ever get his hand print in plaster. I seriously doubt my little blog would have any pull haha, but again, a girl can dream. The Rays don’t play till 7:10 my time since they’re playing Seattle, so I gotta wait forever and they had an off day yesterday.

Is this normal for a crush on a sports figure? It’s never happened to me before. And I don’t feel guilty, because B was a third baseman in college and he likes the same music, so really Evan Longoria is B’s sports hero counterpart haha! And everyone knows you get a list of five celebrity freebies, right? Except my list would only have Evan Longoria on it. And I’ll laminate it. And then I’ll run into him at a coffee shop. Wait, that’s a Friends episode. Hmmm, I think Evan Longoria is gonna get a label here since I keep talking about him so much.

Go Rays!

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  1. Hahahaha you make me laugh. I so wish you could get his handprint.

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