Evan is so dreamy

The weirdest thing about my dreams is I can see in them, but I’m blind. Ever since going blind, I’ve used a cane, or Jayden, do get around, but I can always see. This dream was no exception, but it’s the most memorable dream of late. I don’t normally remember dreams. I wasn’t going to blog about this one but I keep thinking about it all day so hear goes.

I was walking with Evan Longoria haha!! It was a beautiful tree lined street and we were just going for a stroll. I was working Jayden, and Evan began asking me, hypothetically he said, if I could hold someone’s hand while I worked Jayden. I explained that yes I could and it was best on streets like this, on sidewalks like this, because Jayden wouldn’t think the person was guiding me hahaha!! I also explained that I might need to let go if I needed to control Jayden or give a command. In the dream my heart was racing, wondering if he was asking me this so he could take my hand, and sure enough he did.

It’s so weird how real it was. I could feel his hand, it was rough and large and as he took it, I squeezed it. I was thinking, I’m holding Evan Longoria’s hand. Hahaha!!!

The dream then cut to us going down an alley and finding a spot to sit that was secluded. We had to scramble up this muddy uprising of dirt to this flat ledge and I had Jayden lay down. We sat and began talking and he started showing me pictures.

I was blind but I could see pictures hahaha! I told him how gorgeous he looked, then there were pictures of him as a kid and I told him I felt gross thinking of him as attractive while looking at pictures of him as a kid.

Then someone from Saavi was there telling me she had time to meet with me. I didn’t want to leave Evan, so I told her I’d be working out on Wednesday, could I meet her then.

Suddenly Evan and I were on a couch cuddling. I told him I just couldn’t believe I was there with him and he told me he thought I was really cool. Hahahaha!!!

As he moved in for a kiss, I woke up.

What the heck? Very strange dream. I pictured him the way I picture him all the time, tan skin, dark hair, a dimple in his chin, a small gap in his teeth. He was so clear to me in the dream. If only I knew if the image of him I have in my head is anything like what he really looks like.

It’s so weird to have a crush on a celebrity, let alone an athlete. It’s been years since anyone famous has affected me like he has. I know it’s because I admire him as an athlete and then you add the woman part of me and what woman wouldn’t be attracted to him? Hahaha! Maybe I’m just biased.

Anyway, just wanted to write that down because I’m silly and I want to remember that dream.


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  1. This reminds me. Sorry for my curse getting the Rays eliminated. The only team that survived it was the Giants, so it wasn’t just you. Although the Rangers are now doing surprisingly well against the Yankees, so maybe it’s all for the best in a way.

  2. Ro

    I’m totally on the Rangers bandwagon. They better win after knocking us out.

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