Eating waffles

Ah waffles. I finally got my waffles. When I did my last grocery order, which I really only do about every month or two, I ordered Eggo waffles. But when the guy came with the groceries, he said they didn’t have any waffles. I thought it was weird and I was telling someone about it when they told me something had been wrong with all the Eggo waffles. Weird.

So at school we had waffles one morning and I’ve wanted them ever since. When I did my grocery order yesterday, there still weren’t any Eggo waffles, but I was able to get the store brand.

So my groceries were scheduled to be delivered today between one and three and all I could think about were the waffles. Tick tock. Tick tock. Finally they came at a quarter to three. I put all my groceries away and then stuck two waffles in the toaster. It might have been too close to dinner but I didn’t care. We don’t usually eat until six or seven on Fridays anyway.

So at school, the syrup came in this little dish. I didn’t want to deal with trying to eat messy syrupy food with silverware. I’ve eaten pancakes a few times and they’re a pain in the butt and very sticky. So at school, I just ripped off pieces and dipped them in the syrup. The only thing missing was butter.

So today I decided to put a dollup of butter and some syrup in a little dish and heat it up to dip my waffles in. I got too much syrup so I didn’t taste much of the butter, but man it was good. And not messy at all. I find now that I’m blind, anything I can make into finger food is sooooo much easier to eat. So I thought I’d share that little hint. I bet it works with pancakes too. 🙂 Oh and at Chili’s, they have chicken fried chicken fingers you can dip in country gravy. It satisfies my craving for chicken fried steak quite nicely. Now if only they’d make chicken fried steak fingers…


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  1. That’s exactly how I eat pancakes and waffles, too! I like it that way because you can get exactly how much syrup you want on each bite, instead of having some pieces too soggy and others too dry. My kids like pancakes and Eggo waffles with chocolate chips in them–but I like ’em plain jane.

  2. Ro

    I like them plain too. Just plain ol’ buttermilk. But, IHOP used to have these country griddle cakes which were pancakes made with Cream of Wheat in the batter. Oh man…I used to eat them with the butter pecan syrup. I so wish they hadn’t gotten rid of those they were soooooo good!!!

  3. I had to chuckle a bit when you said you couldn’t get Eggo and had to get the store brand. I learned a long time ago that the no name stuff and the name brand stuff are usually the same thing made by the same people. My mom works in a cheese factory, and she told me the difference between the 2. Most of the time all that separates the pricy cheese and everything else is switching the packaging film. the cheese itself is the same. It works the same way with most other things, but you still need to be careful. I will not, under any circumstances, buy no name chocolate sauce. In fact calling it chocolate sauce isn’t really even all that accurate. Sauce perhaps, but generally not chocolate, at least not in such a way that you can taste it. When it takes you half the jug to make 2 half decent glasses of chocolate milk, that’s bad. Off brand Kraft Dinner can also be kinda hit and miss, but it’s not nearly as dangerous as the chocolate sauce.

  4. Ro

    I get everything generic too. But with the site for my groceries, sometimes it’s easier to search for a name brand. I can’t search for “waffles” only name brands. And I couldn’t find the links to the frozen breakfasts for a long time. Finally found that and looked at all thw affles. I don’t care about generics.

    Except for chocolate syrup. You are right on the money. It’s gotta be Hersheys.

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