Dugout drawings key to Rays win?

During last night’s game against the Boston Red Sox, I was chatting with Erik. He started telling me that a Rays player had drawn a T in what looked to be the bullpen sand. Then he added a B and Erik realized the guy was drawing the Tampa Bay logo.

They started getting really elaborate with it and other guys joined in. Erik was watching on tv so he had the Boston announcers. The announcers seemed to have not seen these drawings before and I was wondering if it was something new. I emailed Rays Index to see if they had heard of it and they replied this morning, saying they hadn’t. The Rays ended up scoring and I told Erik that now they’d have to do the drawings all the time.

Eventually there were at least three of them and the guys were filling them with sugar, bubble gum and Smarties. Interesting haha. Boredom? Or were they trying to create a win? Erik said it didn’t look like the main dugout and all the guys were wearing pullover jackets.

Well, the Rays beat the Sox big, so it seems to me that now they will need to do those drawings again, wouldn’t you think? The Rays looked like themselves again, manufacturing runs, playing small ball instead of trying to get the big hits, Garza was great. The month of June, the horrible month for the Rays, was almost over. Maybe they got a jumpstart since the cursed month was nearly gone, who knows.

We go on to play a four game series in Minnesota. As it stands, we’re two games behind the Yankees and one game behind the Red Sox in the wild card.

Lets draw some more tonight guys! Go Rays!

*Edit* Just got an email back from RI and they said it was probably the bullpen, that those guys always have to find ways to entertain themselves during games. So bullpen guys, keep doing those drawings!

Which just made me wonder if Soriano was drawing and if so, did he have his game face on the whole time, or did he maybe crack a smile when the Smarties were added?


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  1. You think you had a horrible June? Ours was like 10-18. That’s horrible. But at least we’re not the Orioles lol. The Jays are now a .500 team, 40-40. I’m a sad panda.

  2. Actually wait, I think we’re still above .500 at 40-39.

  3. Ro

    Well I’m still just worried about Boston and NY. Hopefully NY will finally go into a slump and Boston will start feeling all those injuries.

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