Doovey thingy not a good idea

I have no idea how to spell it, so I spelled it phonetically. You know those doovey cover thingies, those things you cover a down comforter with, that can be washed? Well, we finally washed the new sheet set today. The one I ordered that was on a crazy sale, that had no customer reviews. Yeah. Red flag. No customer reviews. I took a gamble, and may have lost big. I won’t know until I go to bed.

When I took the sheets out of the package, they felt so nice. When we washed them today, they didn’t feel so nice. They feel rough and really wrinkled. I got the fitted sheet and flat sheet on the bed, not caring for how they felt. Then, how to tackle the doovey thingy.

So the cover is like a gigantic pillow case. Picture a queen sized feather pillow going into a queen sized pillow case. First I had to figure out which way the comforter went on and I was having troubles telling. So B came in and said it looked right, and then started helping me put the thing on. All the while, the cats are going nuts, running on the bed, attacking the comforter. I had closed the door while putting on the other sheets, (Spinelli did not like this, and clawed and clawed and clawed at the door) but got really hot and had to come out and put on the a/c so they were able to run in.

B: Ok, this is a pain.

Me: Yeah.

B: Did you know what you were getting into when you bought this?
Me: Well, I kinda knew the theory behind it.

Ugh. I did wonder how the heck you put these covers on. We ended up pushing the bottom in and then pulling it up. Then there are these buttons. The way it’s positioned, you kinda button the button backwards so it gets hidden in a flap. B ended up not buttoning in the right holes, so I got them all lined up and buttoned properly and then tried to get the comforter to spread out inside the cover. I think we got it going the wrong direction. It doesn’t feel right. But I just kinda smoothed it on the bed anyway haha!

I’m rather dreading going to bed. The old sheets were washed recently, so I folded them up and put them back in the zipper bags the new set came in, in case I have to put them back on. Those sheets are from a Wal-Mart bed-in-a-bag I bought when we first moved in here, and I love the sheets. I sure hope I didn’t waste money on this set. It might be that there was just too much material in the washer, so I’m not gonna give up on them until I have the chance to wash them again. Who knows, it might all work out just fine, but my Wal-Mart sheets were oh so soft, and these just aren’t. They feel like a softer potato sack hahah! Might be changing sheets at 10pm 😉


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  1. Haha duvet covers can be hard, I have one and the way we get it on is take one lay it out on the floor, then find the top right corner of each the duvet and the comforter, line them up inside. Do the same for the other corner and then take both corners, pick the whole thing up and shake the rest of the cover down. Then Darrell gets the other two corners and we shake the whole thing out to where it just lays in there right. The buttons are dumb and don’t stay like that for long, we just do them up however now.

    Good luck with your sheets!

  2. Melody and Jess have four duvet covers between them, and they each go on differently.

    By the way, it’s D U V E T. It’s French. 🙂

  3. I agree duvet covers are hard. I have one too. But my mother put velcro on mine to close it instead of buttons since I was having too much trouble with the buttons. The velcro works much better, way easier. I do the same thing as Natalie to get it on- lay them flat out on the floor and then get the far corners in and shake.

    I hope the rest of your sheets turn out nice with a few washes.

  4. Yeah I was going to ask mom how she does duvets but it appears Natalie has you taken care of.

  5. Ro

    Sadia, as soon as I saw that you had posted, I knew I’d get the spelling haha!! That’s a compliment, Thanks!

    Ok, I think I have a better hint as to how to get them on. My thing is getting it lined up right. So I put the comforter on the bed to make sure that’s the way it went, but I still can’t tell if it’s right. I think I’ll stand on the bed and shake it haha!

    It was all totally comfy last night. My fears about how they felt were alleviated. They do feel a tad rough, but I think washings will fix that. And the duvet was just the right weight, warm without being hot, like the old comforter was. And I love how they form around your body. I didn’t want to get out of bed 😉

    I might see if Georgie can put velcro on it; that’s a good idea.

  6. We tried using a duvet cover for a while, but gave up. Now we just put a blanket over the top of our down comforter. Not as pretty, but less of a hassle for us.

  7. I want a duvet for my down comforter. I brought the one my grandmother gave me to the apartment because I was getting concerned that Sadie was going to puncture it with her nails. The one I was using here is supposed to be a down comforter as well, but it’s made of a thicker material which makes me feel better about letting her lay on it. If I do end up moving into another place where I am able to bring her down here, getting a duvet will be on the top of my list since I really, really, really like this comforter. It’s much warmer than the other one, and it makes me feel all snuggly and warm. Haha.

  8. Ro

    I’m so glad I got it. It was a pain getting it on, but now I think I know better for next time. I really like mine. Have you tried looking on Amazon for one?

  9. Not yet, but I should do that. Did you buy it separately from the sheets, or did it come with them? If it was separate, do they sell them in different colors?

  10. Ro

    Mine came with the set, but I bet you could find them separate. I’ve become a pro at Amazon, so what color are you looking for? I can see what I find. But, I bet if you search for “brown duvet cover” you’d find them. You might get results of sets too, but you can try to weed them down. Also look at the customers also bought info. And I find reviews really helpful.

  11. Ro

    I’m an addict. It’s hard to find just duvets. Found one here with good reviews but it’s chocolate. Can’t tell if you can change the color. I just searched for queen duvet cover, you could search for size and color too.

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