Doggy school – Yesterday was hard

Yesterday was just jam packed busy. We went to San Fransisco in the morning and sat at a coffee shop waiting for our turns to work. I was last. So I had a mocha that wasn’t as good as Starbucks, talked to some Italians who visit every February and they were cool and really nice. Then we walked a ways and there was so much more going on than in San Rafael. Jayden did great though. He only sniffed once and ignored a pedestrian who tried to say hi. Good boy. We were gonna take the bus back so we did some obedience while we waited and then the bus came. Weird bus, electric. Sounds like a spaceship and I was tripping out lol.

We got back and went back to the dorms.

After lunch we finished clicker training with the dogs and that was a blast. I was teaching him to find a chair. Then we we all went into a room and were quiet as each of us came in to find a chair. Then we all shifted. It was loads of fun but exausting.

Then we went downtown and did a bus to lounge. They dropped us off and on the way went over the route with us. Cross four streets, thrun left, go up a block and turn right then find the lounge. There would be instructors around but they wouldn’t help unless we sat our dogs and stood. I was fine until I got to the first crossing and then I couldn’t feel the curb. So they helped and we continued. Did fine until after the left turn and then Jay stopped at what felt like a flat curb so I did a right but it was a driveway and an instructor popped out before I could work it out on my own. Then we got to the curb and turned right and were doing fine until Jay stopped and I didn’t know why. The instrctors popped out and we were at steps. They were like, you know, those steps that we usually don’t take. I’m like, what steps. I was never shown the steps. By this time the fatigue had hit hard and I was crying because that happens when I get so tired.

We made it to the lounge and I broke down in the bathroom with another student, then the nurse.

We got back and I thought I was gonna hurl. I went to the nurse for my vitamin C and broke down with her. She calmed me down and I was skipping dinner.

I tried to play with Jay but he was exhausted too so I layed down after my shower and after talking to the councelor and another friend auto immune. They had to wake me to relieve Jayden and then I went right back to sleep.

Feeling good so far but it’s raining today. We’ll see what’s in store. The best thing about hard days is I sleep like a freakin log haha!!!

Just had breakfast and have to meet soon but wanted to quickly post.


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  1. Sounds like a day for the song I sent you. Have you listened to it? You should if you haven’t had a chance. I can send you the link again if you want. Week two can be tough from what I hear, hang in there, Ro!

  2. Oh, hon, I’m sorry you were so worn out. The whole program sounds amazing, but grueling. I have such a hard time remembering directions, I can’t imagine what it’s like without sight!


  3. Hope today is much better!

  4. Ah the bus to lounge. That’s when you know things are getting challenging.

    I’m sooo sorry that me and Mr. N86 were not together last night when you phoned. I just saw it this morning and felt like such a gynormous tool. The one time you ask for an ear and the damn thing isn’t with me. I must have known you were having a hard day because I kept thinking I heard my phone when I didn’t.

    You’ll be fine. I wish I could give you a hug.

  5. Awwwwww Ro hun, i hope you’re okay today. It will prob get better, just have faith.

    Is your place like ours where we go to a hotel for 2 weeks (know you don’t do this) then two weeks after we do routes around home area then we qualify. Does that happen there?

    Xxxxxxxxxxxx and hope you aren’t as tired today. *Huuuuuuuuuge hugs*

  6. Ro

    Today has been good, just not a lot of chance to write. We actually stay on Campus here in California for three weeks. There’s a dorm and we each have a room with full amenities and there’s a dining hall with three meals a day. I should write a post about my schedule and what it’s like on campus for those from different schools.

  7. So sorry that yesterday was so rough, but I am happy to see your comment from today that things are better today! Enjoy your weekend with Jayden!

  8. Hugs Ro. It gets better! 🙂

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