Doggy school – Winding down

We’re in the final week! This week will be about fine tuning and really focusing on the stuff we need for our home area. We have a night route tonight in San Rafael, a bus to lounge. It’ll be the same one I did before when I had the meltdown. So I think it’ll be better tonight now that I know what to expect.

This morning’s route was to Union Square in San Fransisco. I told the instructor I’m a little worried about my energy levels lasting for the night route, and he told me to pick a route. I decided the night route was more important. I just don’t live in an area like San Fran, and frankly I don’t like San Fran. It’s too busy. Sensory overload. I just kinda freeze. We’ve only been there once, and as soon as I stepped off the bus I freaked out. And that was in a less busy area. Apparently Union Square is crazy. No thank you. Nope. Uh uh. I can’t effectively handle my dog if I’m overloaded. So I’m taking it easy this morning. I made some coffee and then chatted with the housekeeper while she cleaned my room. Jay and I played some tug and now he’s passed out on the fleece.

I don’t have the mental energy to upload the videos, so it’ll just have to wait. In fact might not even tackle that until I’m home. We have the meeting with the instructor this afternoon to go over transitioning. So I have my questions written out on the laptop. Then we can visit the gift shop. Then dinner is an hour early and we’ll go to San Rafael. It’s chilly today with a chance of rain tonight.

I haven’t heard from the puppy raiser yet. I hope I hear from her soon.

Natalie sent me a graduation present! It’s a necklace with a braille letter R on it. She got it back when I was just R and decided she’d send it when I got to school. Isn’t she sweet!! So I called her yesterday and spoke with her and Darrell. Sorry no linkage. They are such cool people!

Bullocks. I went back to get more coffee and they had cleaned the post and dumped the fresh pot I made. Oh well.

Anyway, guess that’s it for me for now. 6 days till home!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that one of the dogs has been pretty sick. She’s feeling better today after the vet gave her fluids last night. They’re not sure what caused it. Then another dog vomited before eating this morning, so we’re all a little jumpy. The instructor said sometimes dogs will vomit when they get really hungry, so we’re hoping that’s all it was. They are monitoring her, and the rest of us are watching our dogs like hawks. No more sick dogs, please, thanks.


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  1. Hey Ro, sounds like nice relaxing morning. Smile. Bummer about the coffee…that would be irriating. Your raiser was instructed to not call until Wednesday, so I wouldn’t expect a call before then. Enjoy your last week! I bet you can’t wait to get home. Funny how that is, huh? You couldn’t wait to go to GDB, and now you can’t wait to go home. Smile. Give Jayden a big ol hug from me!


  2. Hey Ro – no possibility of hearing from your raiser before Wednesday evening. Just thought I would throw that out there so you aren’t sitting around waiting. We are given strict instructions in when it is ok to call.
    My husband works in San Rafael lots and saw the class out working last week. He always is so excited to see the dogs working.

    Enjoy your last week in CA! Hoping to make it to graduation Saturday, but the hubby may revolt. We have done guide dog stuff 3 of the last 4 Saturdays. He thinks he is done. Ha!

  3. Ro

    Good to know about the Wednesday guideline. Thanks guys!

    Sure hope you can make it, but I understand the hubby veto.

    I think I’ve got a stomach thing. Ick. Might have to miss the night route, unless the one on Thursday is in San Fran, then I’ll make myself go tonight since I like San Rafael much better.

  4. Awwwww hope it’s nothing too serious you’ve got. What actually happens at graduation then?

    I hope you manage the night route. Are the instructors going too?

    I hope poor Jayden doesn’t get sick.

    When you qualify is it after routes around home? Maybe i asked that lol.

    Let us know how the night route goes.

    Take care, xxxx

  5. We had a lot of sickapoo dogs in our class too. I wonder if they get stressed and just hurl? One harfed in the relieving circle right beside me. Hurka gurka and there it was. You’re almost there!

  6. Ro

    Had to edit this comment from Catalina22 since it mentioned the town I live in 😉

    Wow, it seems like it has gone so fast! I’ll bet you are ready to be home and settled back in Arizona Chupa. At least where things move a bit slower in the desert sun! 🙂

    Thinking of you–can’t wait to catch up via phone when you get back. Love, Cortney

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