Doggy school – Tug and relax

Haha so I wrote a blog and posted and Jayden was passed out on his fleece. I went to go check on him and he was up wagging his tail, thump thump thump. So I took him off tie down and asked if he wanted to play. He followed me over to the drawer where his tug ring is and when I went to the foot of the bed he started dancing around lol! I can only imagine what it must look like from the clicks I heard of his nails. Then he grabbed the tug ring and started shaking it and I started pulling him back and forth. Then he got on his back and started pushing at me with his paws and then he dropped the ring and started nibbling my hand. He’s so gentle when he does this. I started rubbing his belly furiosly and he was wiggling back and forth lol! Then he’s just done. All of the sudden after like maybe 5 minutes, he lays on his side and lets out a sigh and that’s when I start cuddling him. I love putting my face in his belly and just smelling him. Then he picked his head up and put it on my shoulder. He is such a love! So now he’s crashed out to my left as I sit at the computer. I tell ya, these short play sessions are just perfect for me. His raiser was sure right when she said he’s a goof haha! His goofiness is coming out more and more. He’s so cool! We go relieve in thirty minutes after food. I can start working him in the building now. My instrctor just said to wait until the others had their building orientation today. That will be interesting. I’ve just been heeling him in the building and trailing walls, counting doors. The building was not designed for blind people, so there are raised door jams I catch my hands on a lot. I trail with the back of my hand, but it still hurts. When he’s working we’ll be faster, so It’ll be interesting to see how that works. Just like in driving, we all stay on the right side of the hallway. We do that at Saavi too. But we’ll need to communicate even more with each other. I’ll be glad to work him inside. I think it’ll be easier. They said since he’ll be in harness more often, so give him breaks here and there and either hell him or leave him in the room for one of the meals.

Oh and I’ve also started making him work to the ramp at the relieving ciercle ans topping. He had been just doing a moving left, but he’s stopping short of curbs in the real world, so we’re hoping this will change him. I went to the right today to switch it up, so he gets out of the habit of the moving turn.

I’m feeling better after just a couple hours off. Time to blog and time to play. It’s good for Jay to get used to my downtime too, so this is all good good.

Haha, Chupa, good, good. Sorry, inside joke guys 😉

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