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Ok today is time for catch up. I didn’t do much journaling while the net was down, but I have a couple documents. I’m going to paste what I wrote on Tuesday morning after travel day. I’m going to leave in the typos to really capture how exausted I was lol! I was also using a different voice at the time because Alex was in a full fledged tantrum and put himself on time out. So imagine being exausted and having to use another voice not nearly as cool as Alex. Ok so here’s what I wrote. I’ll finish the story after it.


I’m writing this on Tuesday morning. I know it’s going to get better, but I’m having problems. Alex keeps not wanting to wrok. I finally got him to speak and changed the voice to one that’s less memory intensive, we’ll see if that helps. I can’t get online yet, but I think it’s because my brain is mush so hopefully when I’m a little clearer, I’ll figure it out.

So it’s 5:49am on Tuesday morning right now. I didn’t sleep well. The bed is really, really hard. Not comfortable at all. So we’ll see how today goes haha! I was exausted yesterday after traveling.

I was up and all ready to go yesterday and wrote a quick blog post. B got up and ready, we loaded the car, and hit the road.

No tears, I was shocked! The night before, B said, it’ll be easier in the morning if we just go, no fussing over the cats. Well, I think I was so focused, and it was so early that I didn’t have a lot of time to fret.

So we get in the car and start driving, and it started a little rough. Then it died at an intersection but started up again. Then about 5 minutes from the airport, it was grining and sounding awful and barely running. He turned around to pull into a gas station and I called a cab.

He opened the hood and I was waiting for my cab and this mechanic stopped and sked if we needed help. He looked at something in the computer, told B what it said and then reset the computer which made the car work. So I cancelled the cab and B got me to the airport. I stayed surprisingly calm during all this, but I didn’t like the idea of taking a cab to the airpot.

I get all checked in, B gets security clearence, we go through security with no hitch, go check in at the desk at the gate. I had special paperowk requesting assistence. So he says he’ll come get me personally when they start pre-boarding.


Ok so he came to get me and B and I said a quick goodbye and the airline guy guided me to the plane. He was great, very friendly with a really cool accent. He got me on the plane and handed me over to a flight attendent. It was one of those little commuter planes with two seats on either side.

I stuffed my backpack under my seat. I already had my iPod in my pocket and had taken my decongestant. A girl sat next to me but neither of us were chatty. The plane started up and it was gonna be like a fourty minute flight. I just prayed during take of because ever since those bird strikes, take off scares me. We got up in the air and it was fine. The landing was fine but I have always hated the landing. The touching down and screeching to a halt lol. So we landed and were like twenty minutes early, so our gate wasn’t ready. We sat on the plane awhile before getting off. The flight attendant helped me and there was an airport guy waiting for me. So he was gonna take me to the next gate. He wanted to go on the people mover and I was like nope. You don’t want me doing a face plant at the end because you’ll feel bad. Good point, he said lol! So we walked awhile. We got to my gate and the gate agent was waiting for me. She had me sit where she could see me. There was a newlywed couple there opening their gift cards. It was really cute.

So we find out there’s an hour delay due to air traffic control in San Fran. I settle back to wait, and call the number GDB had given me to reach the trainer. He couldn’t hear me well, but I got it across that I was delayed.

Then after ten minutes they’re like, ok San Fran says we can go. So the lady came and got me and boarded me and a guy in a wheelchair first. Big plane this time. It’s a full flight. Two nice ladies next to me, I’m on the window.

The captain comes on and says San Fran stopped him again. It’s going to be about an hour and a half and we have to sit on the plane. Oh man. It was foggy in San Fran. So I call the trainer again and he says it’s sunny. Alrighty then.

I’m texting B and after awhile I got really uncomfortable and started hurting. Then I couldn’t find my blue tooth and the tears started. The ladies were really nice.

Oh yeah I needed coffee bad and one of the ladies had coffee flavored candy so she gave me on hehe!

Finally we were allowed to take off. We got up and I started listening to Uglies again. I also finally got a cup of coffee.

So we land and a guy is waiting for me and he had helped another student off that morning. By this time I’m like three hours late. So he looks at security and doesn’t see anyone from GDB. We went to baggage claim and Jim was waiting for me. He had already gotten my suitcase. Yay! So he takes me to the van and explains that in San Fran the runways are side by side so two planes can land, but since it was foggy, they could only land one plane at a time. That’s why were were delayed. When we landed I guess a plane landed next to us, according to the ladies.

Another student was in the van and he had been delayed too. We were the last to arrive. Another student’s flight was cancelled altogether. So we chatted on the way and I’m hurting in the seat. There were kennels behind me so the seat was up straight. Jim described the surroundings to us, and when we were on the Golden Gate, there was fog below us. Wow.

Finally we pulled into school and Jim rolled down the window and I could hear dogs barking in the kennels. I got all misty knowing my dog was in there.

We got to the dorm and Jim brought my suitcase in and then a girl was there to orient me to the room and said we were doing the welcome lecture and I was like, can I please have like twenty minutes alone to cry? She gave me that hahaha! So I just sat in my room and decompressed.

I went to the welcome lecture and met the other students but I was so tired. We had dorm orientation and I just walked around in a daze. The nurse came and got me to copy my insurance card and she told me another student was in recovery and he gave his permission to tell me who he was. Cool.

I think we had dinner after that. Yeah. The guy from the van is at my table along with another guy. It was prime rib yumm.

So I think after that I went back to the room and called Gamma and B but I can’t be certain. I set my alarm for breakfast and tried to sleep but it took awhile. The bed was sooo hard.

Oh they had brought me a fan because it was really stuffy in my room, so that was good noise. I’m so used to falling asleep to tv though. I solved that problem finally lol, but not until last night.

So that was the travel day. It was pretty awful haha!

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