Doggy school – Thank you Natalie and Darrell

Natalie, a puppy raiser, and Darrell, a guide dog handler, sent me a care package here at school!

After I wrote about loosing some undies in the laundry room back home, Natalie said Darrell doesn’t use this mesh bag they had for socks and stuff so she could send it to me at school. Wow! At that point it was too late to send it to me at home. So Tuesday I think, or maybe Wednesday, there’s a knock at my door and I have a box from Natalie. I was so out of it that I kind of acknowledged that it was an awfully big box for a mesh bag. But then I just didn’t have a chance to open it.

Finally on Friday I think, I opened it. On top there was a cd. Hmmm. So I stick it in and it’s a typed letter from Natalie and Darrell telling me what’s in the box.

Not only did they send the laundry bag, they bought two smaller bags for other delicates. They were at The Container Store which sounds awesome. They also send me six packs of gum and snack packs of Pringles. I don’t think I ever mentioned here how much I love Pringles. Carol will know how much that excited me hehe!

So thank you so much guys. I’m really seeing how amazing my blogger family is. I have another post about another puppy raiser once I get her permission.

You guys are all absolutely wonderful!!!

Oh duh and Natalie, I used it yesterday. Worked like a charm!! Some of the socks didn’t get totally dry, so I’m gonna look at those other bags and see if maybe I can split some stuff up. I had my sports bra in that bigger bag so I think it crowded the socks. Worked awesome!!!


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4 Responses to Doggy school – Thank you Natalie and Darrell

  1. A care package! How nice of Natalie and Darrell!

    Ro, do you know what the high value treats are that they use for recall? We need some of those!

  2. Oh how sweet! Loved care packages and cards while at school. Hope you are having a good day with Jayden.

  3. You’re welcome! And the Container store is freaking awesome haha.. and yeah, i have never used the thing so I don’t know how crowded its allowed to get lol. And I scoured your blog looking for snacks you might like (i sent Darrell slim jims and special k bars lol) and I found pringles and popcorn. Well darrell said they had popcorn at the school so we just got you a bunch of pringles lol. Gum was just an afterthought haha and we didn’t know what you liked so thats why theres bubble and mint lol. Hope you enjoy everything and can figure out the bags. Oh and hope you get plenty of rest!

  4. Ro

    Ah so I did mention Pringles haha!! I like both gums so good picks hehe!

    Mimi, I will try and remember to find out what those treats were. I know he broke something up into my treat pouch, so I think they might have been pieces of dog cookie, but I’ll find out.

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