Doggy school – Oh yeah

I forgot to say that I was actually using too much praise haha!!! Everything in moderation, right? My instructor said I’m saying good boy too much so Jayden’s like, um mom I’m just walking. Just like with all other commands, it loses power when said too much. Leave it to me to overdo it hehe! It’s hard though when you’re gliding down the street not to want to say good boy all the time.

Jay was just growling and dream barking in his sleep hahaha!! He cracks me up! Oh and he’s so hard to wake up sometimes. He’ll be so out of it he doesn’t want to get up. But man when he realizes it’s time to get up, he’s up hehe!!

Three more retrains arrived yesterday and got their dogs this afternoon.

On a sad note, one of my classmates had to leave due to a family emergency. The school will keep his dog for him. I sure hope he can come back at some point. 🙁

Dinner was great and now I’m really really tired. Those fatigues can sure hit without warning. We’ve got rain tomorrow morning and I can feel it in my bones. Tomorrow night is yoga thank God.

Oh he’s breating heavy again, let’s see if he dream barks. Nope. I’m gonna try and remember to get some video of him. I know you’re all really curious 😉


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2 Responses to Doggy school – Oh yeah

  1. Ahhhh yes, get a video up haha I want to meet him!

  2. Ah wow. I do the same thing. You reminded of this. 🙂
    I have to not praise so much. Thanks for reminding me and glad you were told that. It is hard since they are so good dogs.

    Good luck!

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