Doggy school – Marvelous Manic Monday

K no editing on this one as I’m gonna try and get it done before dinner.

This morning we took the dogs to the kennels to practice obedience in a highly distracted area. Jayden did great! The instructors came by and gave us dog bisquits to set by the dog’s paws while they were in a down and Jay ignored it like a champ. After that we worked back to the building in a different way through an bstacle course. Jay got me around all the barricades.

Then we relieved and loaded the bus. They took us to Starbucks! Got my iced venti mocha no whip yummm. Had a little meeting with the other student in recovery which was great. Then we worked our dogs back to the lounge and Jay did great.

We came back for lunch and today was going to be the one on one meetings with our instructors, but it was a beautiful day and we’re getting rain tomorrow, so they asked if we wanted to do traffic checks today instead of tomorrow and we all agreed. So we got back on the bus.

Oh I should say that they gave me an ergonomic handle which has helped a ton.

We got to the lounge and I was going second so I took Jay on the patio to practice our heels. He is getting sooooo much better.

Then i twas my turn and we set out. Pete was gonna be driving the hybrid and coming at us. I wouldn’t know when it was coming. We had talked about obsturctions before our route while we ere waiting for the team ahead of us to be done since there’s only one hybrid. So I knew there’d be some partial obsturctions where Jay would figure things out, and then full obsturctions where I owuld have to wait for an all quiet and then work Jay into the street around the obsturction.

Oh yeah before all that, they took Jayden away from me! Took him! Hehe but only briefly. We were going for a ride in teh hybrid. That thing is crazy. You can’t even hear when it’s running when you’re in it.

So we went out on the route and Pete cut us off. Jay stopped like a champ. Then Pete actually started backing into us!! Jay backed up to keep us safe. Wow. I don’t know how many times this happened. We’d be in the middle of a crossing and Jay would just stop and Pete would have just turned in front of us. I never heard the car.

He did a great job with the obsturctions. No complaints. He was a little hesitant to start the route. He’s been that way in the afternoons. So we put the collar up high. It goes up just below his ears so it’s more sensative. I can just flick the leash, not hard at all but it gets the point across that he needs to move. So that fixed the problem.

Right before we got to the lounge, Jayden lunged forward and took off like a shot. Pete was coming at us from behind!!! Wow!!!

So we got to relax a bit while the others were out and then we came back, fed and relieved, I talked to B and now I’m getting my post done so I can’t play some tug with him and do our grooming. He loves his tug hehehe!

It was a great day!! Jayden is so amazing!!! Oh yeah and at one point I told him forward and he disobeyed me. Pete was coming with the hybrid. Good boy!!!

K, off to eat yummm. What am I having tonight, oh meatloaf. Breakfast was fried eggs, sawusage and a bisquit with gravey. Lunch was a fajita burrito thing and nachos yummm. Oh and cheesecake with chocolate auche hehe!!

K, signing off. Oh and I’m gonna check on those high value rewards, keep forgetting. Forget who asked me.


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7 Responses to Doggy school – Marvelous Manic Monday

  1. It was ME (Mimi) who asked about the high value rewards–but if you don’t ask about it, no worries!!

    So glad you and Jayden are doing so great. He sounds amazing. And how nice that they even got you an ergonomic handle!

  2. Aaaah! The instructors are out to get all us guide dog users! Stupid Hybrid! lol Good boy Jayden! 🙂 Glad you and your new mommy are getting along so well.

  3. GO JAY!

    You are one great doggy:)

    Toby’s Raiser

  4. Sounds like you guys are doing great! I hope all your spoons are ready to work work work! Jayden sounds like an amazing dog! Good Job to both of you in the traffic training!

  5. And thank you for posting about all this! It’s so cool to hear about how training works!

  6. Ah the evil traffic checks, and you got Pete to do it. You’ll have to tell the list you got Pete’s traffic checks and lived to tell the tale. He must have gotten evil glares when he’d cut you off mid crosswalk from other drivers who didn’t know what was going on. Ah what they have to go through to train us. Stares while they do juneau walks, glares from drivers while they try to run us over. I’m glad they used the phantom. I wished they had one of those when I was in training.

  7. L^2

    Yay, you survived traffic checks, even with the dreaded hybrid! It sounds like you and Jayden are doing great together. Very glad to hear it.

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