Doggy school – Jayden sleeps

This morning has been pretty chill since we’ve got rain. We took the dogs near the play area and did obedience with dog and food distraction. Jayden did great with all of it. He got a little distracted once, but I got him on track.

We’re having our one on ones with our instructors today so I’m just waiting for my turn. I had put a pillow down by Jay so I could lay with him and we napped for a bit. It was too cute because he put his head on my pillow right by me hehe! So I got up and got a video. You guys will have to let me know if it came out ok, if there’s enough light, if I got him in the frame. It’s taking a long time to upload to youtube. The net here isn’t quite as fast as mine at home. So I’m not gonna try and upload it to Blogger.

Ok here he is!


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  1. YEAH a video of Jayden:)

    My computer was unlocked so I got to see it!

    Jayden, you are soo handsome!!

    Toby’s Raiser

  2. Wow, he’s got super dark ears! lol. He’s so pretty and the little stripe down his nose looks about the same color as his ears but it might just be shadow. Yay, glad we got to meet him!

  3. OMG he is too cute! And wow he is a sound sleeper. My guys would all be wide awake if I had been petting them and talking their names that much. I love his coloring and the zipper. One of my dogs had a zipper too we called it “Angel Kisses” when he was being good and his “excuse for no brains” when he was being a goof (the zipper let the brains in and out). Glad to hear you are having a good day!

  4. L^2

    Awww… what a handsome guy! Your video was great. And wow he’s a loud snorer like Willow. LOL

  5. Wow, he is sucha sleepy little boy! I am sooo happy for you! I hope you enjoy him, and try to not spoil him too muchlol!!! Have fun! Give him hugs and tail wags from me and Leah!


    So cute! He is so yellow! His snores are cute as well. 🙂

  7. He is so beautiful and perfect!!! And a very heavy sleeper!! Betsy hasn’t slept like that in months. She wakes up and is ready to go the second I stand up!

  8. He’s gorgeous! The light was good for the most part and you got him in the frame! Congrats on your new boy, it’s obvious you love him very much already!

  9. Ro

    Just want to say quickly that he’s ready to go the second I say Jayden ok. But I usually coax him out of sleep a bit because it’s cute hehe. And he doesn’t always snore like that.

  10. He is SUCH a handsome dog- with absolutely stunning markings and coloring. I love the golden color and his expressive, beautiful face. I was looking up Jayden’s parents/littermates online, and found that his dad is Tiburon, who is a very dark golden color. He definitely looks like his dad! Don (my GDB puppy in training) is also a very sound sleeper. Nothing will get Don off his dog bed when he’s tired- except dinnertime.

    Jayden sounds like the perfect dog!

  11. Well, today, he snored just like the Trixter does. Yeah if I came near her with anything, she’d be awake, hence why I have never captured dream barks.

  12. I have been lurking, and sooo enjoying your journey to get your new dog. He is a beautiful boy!
    It means a lot to me to see your part of this journey, us being puppy raisers, people always ask if its hard to let them go. Yes it is hard, but when they go to such wonderful people as you, and the woman that got our first puppy we raised, Luxor, that is what it is all about! Congrats, and thank you for blogging about your journey.

  13. Hooray! Great job with the video. It was so fun to hear your voice, too. I can tell you’re a good singer because even your speaking voice is so pleasant. Can’t wait to see Jayden in a couple weeks!

  14. Ro

    It’s certainly my pleasure to blog all this. It’s my memories to keep forever too hehe! I really hope my raiser will enjoy this too. I hope she’s into all the blogging and stuff. I think this will be really neat for her too.

    I’ve said before I think the world of puppy raisers, and we all say it here on campus too. Without puppy raisers, this would not be possible. We all have the same sentiments and all of us are so anxious to meet our raisers! I hope mine can come!

  15. OK, I’m so glad I finally got to see this video! (for some reason my computer didn’t cooperate earlier) Jayden is AWESOME! Such a handsome boy. You guys will be a great team.

  16. As usual, I’m a day late and a dollar short! But I had to chime in too and say how beautiful he is! I love his zipper… Frisbee has one too! For some reason I always wanted to raise a puppy with a zipper, so I was so excited when I saw Frisbee’s!

    I’m looking forward to the awake Jayden edition!

  17. Oh Jayden is so sweet!

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