Doggy school – I feel human

At least for now haha. It’s Sunday, lovely Sunday. I’m going home in a week! I woke up for morning feeding watering and relieving and I actually slept in twenty minutes haha! No need to get ready since it’s our off day. So I took Jay out after he ate and we weren’t having breakfast until after the eight thirty relieving because of the buffet deal on Sundays. So I decided to take Jay down to the play padock since he had relieved.

So I put on my shoes and we set out. I go out the relieving doors to get to the padock, and someone from the kennels was out there hosing down the circle. She is one of Jay’s favorite people and he got to say hi to her yesterday when she came to give the kennel tour that I didn’t have the energy for. So he did not want to work. I did some obedience with him, and then the girl from the kennel informed me I had two different shoes on. On black, one white. Oops.

So we went back so I could make my shoes match and then set out again. Jay was still distracted and the RA was out there and offered to go with us. So she helped me get there and then left and was gonna come back in twenty minutes. So Jay ran and sniffed and we did some recalls and then he was done and the RA wasn’t there yet so I harnessed him up and we set off. He showed me a wall and then we continued and found the wooden bridge and then the RA was there and Jay and I made it back unassisted.

Then we played some tug and I got some video but then we were interrupted because my classmates were collecting money for an instructor gift. Can’t say anymore because I have a feeling one of them is reading lol. But a gift is tradition so I’m not ruining a surprise, and an RA heard us talking and when she wasked what was up, I said “nothing” a little too quickly lol!

So then I looked for cups since I’m making coffee for the twelve o’clock meeting that’s being brought in for me and the other guy in recovery. We found some in the snack room and I took them to the coffee pot and a student asked if I was making coffee so I did and doscovered we had cups. So I had to return the ones I stole haha!

So now we’re ready for that. Jay is asleep in his corner even though he’s off tie down. I’m giving him freedom while I’m in the room and can pay attention and he either stays on his fleece or stretches out by me.

Yesterday I did laundry so I could just chill today. Got the meeting at noon and then a massage at three, but I have to double check that time. Oh I also worked on questions for the meeting with my instructor tomorrow. I wonder if he’ll be surprised when I bring my laptop haha!

I feel pretty relaxed and happy today. One more week of training and then we go home. I can’t wait! Tomorrow we get to go to the gift shop so I’m gonna get a Kong and a collapsible bowl for Jay and maybe a leash luggage, and I want to get one of those stuffed guide dogs with the wee harness for Gamma. I ordered prints of the pictures they’ll take of me and Jay on graduation too.

I’ll try and get the videos uploaded today. There are two, a short one before we got interrupted and another one where Jay was just lazily chewing the ring and then he started licking himself hahaha!!!


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  1. Aww. I’m glad you are having a good sunday. And I’m glad you made it back from the paddock. I always ended up wussing out and going with someone even though I knew it would be a super cool confidence builder. So yea. I’m so excited for Jayden videos! Hey, are you guys watching the gold medal game?

  2. Man, I can’t believe you’re at your last week. It seems like just yesterday you left on the big adventure. Keep up the good work, you’re almost done!

  3. Wow, you will be home in a week – exciting! Love your shoe story (definitely have done that one before). Sounds like you and Jayden are a great team.

  4. P.S. Just read your new header on your blog. That is an amazing experience to come together with 12 strangers and form a bond … and the switch from cane to dog. Love how you worded that on the top of your header.

  5. Ro

    Ok first I have to say that I’m really mad at myself, because I could have watched the game with the Canadian student and I didn’t think about it until it was too late. I was heading for my massage when I checked on the schore and Canada had just won. The student said he wished I had come by as no one watched it, but he was kinda glad because he cried like a baby when they played the Canadian national anthem. I told him that’s normal, he’s away from his country. I get emotional when I hear our anthem too.

    I was talking to B and I was like, how often will you get the chance to watch the gold medal game between the US and Canada with a real Canadian? I’m so bummed, oh well.

    And Becky, I kinda stole the header from The Real Wrold, this reality tv show. I just made it fit guide dog school 😉

    Soooo homesick.

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