Doggy School – Graduation and now we’re official

Alrighty, this will be my last post from school. Wow what a day haha!

Everything followed the normal routine this morning, breakfast and then a meeting to talk about graduation and that day’s schedule and such. Then we played “Juno says” like Simon says where we were given commands and if it didn’t start with Juno says and we gave the command we were out, or if the dog didn’t do the command. Well I was out pretty quick when she said give your dogs a treat, because I’m so used to the instructors saying give your dog a treat. So we sat and listened to the rest and the Canadian won hehe.

Then we went and got ready. I had brushed Jay’s teeth the day before so this mroning I groomed him and then go into my dress.

Don’t wear a dress to guide dog graduation especially when you’re a new guide dog handler and especially not a knee length wrap dress. I was so self concious. Anyway lunch was served and it was grilled cheese and tomato soup but I didn’t want to dribble the soup so I didn’t eat much and I was a bundle of nerves. Then they gave me a cookie and it was hard with powdered sugar and when I tried to break off a piece the whole cookie exploaded in my lap as it hit the plate on the table. Ugh. So the nurse helped me dab off all the powdered sugar later and I managed to keep it all from Jayden.

So then I’m back in my room and there’s a knowck at my foor and they’re asking if I want to meet the raisers. Of course, and Jay is going nuts. Oh, are they here now? Yes tey’re right here. No wonder Jay was going nuts. But he wasn’t going too nuts. Just slightly nuts. So he was still behaving haha.

They had said just give the leash to the raiser and let them love him so that’s what I did and they came in the room. The main rasier, her mom and sister and best friend. We chatted for awhile and Jayden was a goof and the little sister did obedience with him and it was so cute. He’d come check in with me every once in awhile like, is this ok mom? It was awesome!

Then it was time for pictures so I harnessed him up and he guided me to the room and the raiser family got emotional. I’m sure it was so cool for them to see him work. Especially since he was their first puppy.

So we gtook pictures, first just me and Jay then all of us. Then we waited in the day room. We talked some more, then they took him into the audience and I was guided to my chair on the outdoor stage.

Holy cow, was it icky being guided by a human. I’d forgotten. It was so akward. Yuck.

So everyone was announced one by one and brought to the mic and then the raiser gave us our dog back. By the time it was my turn I was so tired and dizzy that I don’t even remember what I said lol. And people actually cheered my name from the crowd haha! Some of Jay’s people from the puppy club came and at the time I didn’t know it, but Mimi and Cabana were there, and Leslie with Article and Cate, from my email list. Awesome!!!

After it was done my raiser guided me to the dining hall where it was chaos. Dogs and humans and more dogs and more humans. Jay was so excited to see all his other people and dog friends that he kept pulling on the leash. No trying to work through that. He kept gagging himself and I was getting worried and people were saying hi and introducing themselves and I’m telling Jay to sit and he would and then he’d hop up again and finally I was just sort of stern lol. Yikes. I don’t remember how long we all visited or how many dogs I met and then my raisers were there taking pictures and then they had to leave because they knew they had to say goodby again and they had to get it done. So they hugged me and we cried and they hugged me again and we cried and then Leslie helped me to my room and then I shut the door and it was over.

I cried and cried and cried because it was over and we were a team and I felt bad for him because he kept walking around the room and sniffing and I thought he’d be mad at me because his people left but then he licked my face and it was fine.

I got into my sweats, made coffee and called B then I packed some more and then had dinner. By this point there were only five students there. Some left today, some went out. I ate and it didn’t settle and we talked and then I was heading back and I talked to the Canadian a bit and then I came in and called Gamma and now I’m writing this and now I’ll publish and pack up the computer. Phew!

How’s that for a busy day? I’m sure there’s tons of typos, but oh well. I’m tired lol.

And I know I’ve said before how much I love puppy raisers but until meeting them in the flesh, I couldn’t have any idea how much I loe them. Wow. What an emotionally charged experience for them. And they say goodbye once and then actually come back and have to do it again. I love them, and I love Jay’s raisers. Wow!

Oh and I have bags of gifts for Jay from his raisers and Mimi and I haven’t even gone through them because I had to pack them and I’ll look when I get back. Phew!

Ok, enough outta me. I’ll post next from home!!! If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, it’s because I’ve passed out lol! Homeword bound!!!!


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10 Responses to Doggy School – Graduation and now we’re official

  1. Congrats! You did it! That’s so awesome!!!

  2. Ro,

    So glad to hear you and Jayden are offical. It got late and I wasn’t able to make it to graduation after the puppy outing, but I was thinking about you. I am glad things went well with your raisers. I know you will keep them updated with your adventures with Jayden! Congrats!


  3. Anonymous

    Oh, it was a fantastic graduation, outdoors, sunny, touching speeches. And, you were most definitely coherent, even though you can’t remember what you said. It was great to meet you and share the big day with you.


  4. Wow. I was not expecting to see a post-graduation post. I love the run-on sentences. They convey the feeling exactly. And then this happened and then this and then this and holy crap it’s over.

    I don’t think you’re quite flying yet. Safe travels home to B and the kitties.

  5. Congratulations — wishing you the very best in this next step of the journey.

  6. Yay!!! Congrats Ro and Jayden on now being an official team 🙂 I have read all of your posts from Doggy College, and loved them all. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with all of us. Best of luck now that you are off on your own, and I can’t wait to continue reading about your adventures!

  7. Way to go! Congratulations on being done! Have a good trip home, and have fun keeping tabs on the dog while he learns the lay of the house once you get there.

  8. Anonymous

    Well done, Lass. You kind of always been one of us, but now you are “one of us” Griffy and I are so happy for you and Jay.


  9. Congratulations Ro! You made it! We’ll be seeing you from the nice warm comforts of home!

    God Bless!


  10. APPLAUSE!!! Loved hearing your perspective! We’re so excited for you!

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