Doggy School – Grad tomorrow!

At dinner I was telling S that I needed to write a blog post and that I’d probably read these posts when I get home and not remember typing half the stuff I typed. This whole three weeks have just been a blur. I don’t even remember what I wrote yesterday, though as soon as I tipe “doggy school” the last subject line populates, so I’ll usually get a little hint lol.

I didn’t go to Miur Woods this morning. I was still undecided but feling pretty good. I published all the blog comments, and Sadia answered it for me when she said I had already answered it for myself, don’t go, hehee! Thank you Sadia!

I can’t wait to actually read other people’s blogs again. There just hasn’t been time.

So I stayed in and packed and showered and shaved for graduation. Stupid dress. Oh well. The showers here are tiny. This building wasn’t designed for blinks lol. So I had to sit in the little shower stall to shave and when I was getting up, I banged my head on the wall. Ouch. Then my shampoo fell of the little holder and I was actually cursing in the shower that I just wanted to be home lol.


Ok, so anyway. After lunch we got our graduation binders and man, they think of everything. We got our ID cards and stuff and my raiser actually included a CD with her stufff! Don’t know what’s on it yet. I’ll probably check it out when I get home and am more awake.

Right as we were wrapping up, Pete came and told me my friend from the email list was here. I had told him she was hoping to come by and meet me, as she’s coming into class Monday and would be here early. So I went and dropped off my notebook and then went and found her. She had her guide dog with her, who she has to retire. It’s so sad. I’m glad I got to meet her though. Our two dogs were all excited, Jayden being the new guid dog needed a quick obedience session to get focus back. We went to my room and traded dogs to meet them hehe! Every dog I’ve met has been smaller than Jayden. I got his measurements wrong, he’s 22 inches tall, not 18, and he’s 64 pounds. Anyway, she makes jewlery so I bought a hematite necklace and earrings. It was pretty hectic when we got back to my room because the nurse was saying by to us and then a classmate left today. She’s starting a class tomorrow. She’s gonna be exausted haha! So all that happened while my friend was here. After I looked through her jewlery, I had her look at the necklace Natalie sent me because I couldn’t figure out the clasp. It’s actually a hook, like a pirate hook, not a clasp. I was glad to have a what did I call her, jewlery expert, hahaha.

Oh I know sometimes sighted folk are confused when I say “look” or words like that, so you might think my friend has vision, but she doesn’t, and she makes really cool jewlery.

Did I just make any sense? I’m tired lol. Just got done talking to B while somewhere in the middle of writing this post, so who knows where my thoughts went.

I may not get a chance to write tomorrow and certainly not before I leave on Sunday, so this might be my last post from doggy school. Almost done! Oh, was in this morning that I talked to Carin? Yeah, I think so. Wow this has been a long day. Taking Jayden out to relieve soon and then bedtime yay!

So….from doggy school, this is Ro saying goodnight and good luck. Is that the phrase?


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  1. They sure do think of everything.

    Glad you got to see our list buddy. You have a voice to put with the emails.

    Have a good sleep tonight, grad is mentally exhausting. The place is crammed full of dogs and puppies and it’s chaos chaos chaos! I hope you have an awesome grad. Will it be outside?

  2. Ro

    Still not sure. I heard someone say it would be indoors, but nothing is affirmative. I really hope it’s outside. I don’t know what room would be big enough inside.

  3. We had to do it in the dining room when I graduated.

  4. Ro

    Eek. That is not a very big room.

  5. You think the room is too small with your class! Imagine it with 24 graduates instead! Yikes! Hopefully, it will be outdoors for you.

    Enjoy graduation and safe travels home!

  6. Ah! I can’t believe I forgot to write about the clasp – and after looking at it and figuring out how to word it and everything.. dang it lol – here’s me with red cheeks. lol.

    If you don’t post tomorrow congrats and hope your graduation is amazing!

  7. I have enjoyed following you through your journey to find Jayden.
    Raising these puppys we do fall in love with them too, the puppy we have now, I think he will make it, if he passes the medicals, he has such a good good mind. He is only 8 mos old now, so we have some time to get him going even better.
    Enjoy Jayden, may you both have a long long relationship!

  8. Ro

    Hehe no worries. I kept trying to figure it out on my own because I’m stubborn lol!

  9. Enjoy your graduation. The blog posts since you started have been great. I wish I could have blogged that much when I was training, to write more in detail and then I could remind myself about it all later.

  10. Cabana and I will be there, cheering you on, Ro! I hope the graduation is outside, or else they will only let us watch it on a TV monitor (that’s what I’ve heard).

  11. Ro

    Yay!!! So far it’s outside, so just pray the weather holds. I fianlly talked to my raiser last night; can’t wait to meet her!! Can’t wait to meet you!!! Yay!!!

  12. You made it Ro! You should be meeting with your raiser soon 🙂 and graduation is just hours away! Congratulations!!!

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