Doggy school – First Tuesday

I didn’t write at all on Tuesday but I just looked at what I wrote on Wednesday and it refreshed my memory a bit.

So Tuesday we started Juno work with the rolled up carpet. My instructor and an apprentice worked with me on opedience and stuff and we got our treet bags to start wearing. Then we got to work with two live dogs, who are in training, but not done yet. Sorry, but I can’t give their names. We were given strict guidelines about what to share in blogs. But I can say that they were both boys and very different. The first one was really chill and did great work. The second one was more playful, which was fun too, but he was a little harder to control. It was so cool to see real dogs. I took the opportunity with the second dog to love him up after praise hehe!

I just realized when doing Juno I always sayd “good boy”. Weird. Anyway, that was cool.

After lunch we loaded the bus and went downtown. We had a quick orientation to the lounge and then it was Juno time with Pete. I didn’t realize we’d go on such a long walk and it was actually pretty warm that day and I didn’t have my hat. So by the time we got back, I was hot and feeling sick. We were going to do something, a lecture, but I can’t even remember what it was. Hmmm. Oh well.

After everyone did Juno we came back and I hit the shower. I had showered the first night but I was so gross. We were having yoga that night after dinner and I really didn’t want to go but I did because I’m scared of shin splints. So I put on my yoga clothes for dinner. I don’t remember what we ate that night.

I went to yoga and it was so nice. The next day was dog day so I was hoping the yoga would help me sleep. Hahaha! Yeah how bout no.

I think I talked to B and Gamma before dinner, but I’m not sure. So that was Tuesday.

Oh yeah, I think we got orientation to the relieving circle but I can’t remember. Yeah I think we did, with Juno. You step off the curb and walk forwards and spin your leash around you, walk backwords and spin the leash and keep doing that. At least that’s how I thought it was done. More on that later.

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