Doggy school – First Sunday

I’m going out of order now because I want to write about today. Today has just been great. It’s a little sad because B was supposed to be here today but the car kept giving him fits on Tuesday and it was too stressful, so he didn’t take his trip. He had to drop a big chunk of change on the car. So good news is that the cats aren’t alone, bad news is I didn’t get to see him today. But, really it’s been so nice not to have to do anything today, that it’s really ok.

Jay and I were gonna go play in the play area today but it’s been raining nonstop. Relieving was fun the first time after the rain haha!! Everyone crowded into the loading lounge to towel off their dogs and then I remembered I had a towel of mine back in the room. It’s the one I was gonna have B bring back so the cats could smell Jay. So I took him back to my room and dried him off and then we snuggled for awehile until he fell asleep.

This morning we had a breakfast buffet from eight to ten instead of the usual seven fifteen. But we relieve at eight thirty so I went to the hall after that. A volunteer took me to the buffet table and the chef herself was giving out food. I told her the food has been amazing and that Gamma said to lay off because I’m getting spoiled lol! She laughed and said she’d make the food not as good and I told her that wasn’t necessary. Then the volunteer helped me to the table and I ate my scrambled eggs, bacon, fried rice, croissant and fruit oh and coffee of course. I left Jay in the room since it was all strange and buffet and it’s good to give him alone time. I had music going like the cd said and he got all excited when I came back.

Ok there was just a looong break while writing this. Carin called my room phone and I was talking for her when Jay started making funny noises. Not bad funny just funny so I went to him and he was acting all weird, kinda rowdy. Then I feld his head and he was staring in the direction of my dresser. I keep his tug toy in a drawer there so I thought himmm. I got it and sure enough, he wanted to play! Smart boy lol! We’ve done a lot of playing today. I think he’s a bit bored. So he fell asleep and then woke up and was acting weird again. I was feeding him a bit early because I have a massage today so I fed him and then he really wanted to go outside.

I got permission to relieve alone since I’m getting the massage, so out we went and we got off that curb and he started circling so fast there was no way I could keep my orientation. He urinated and then quickly stopped so I felt his back and he was was hunched so I marked the spot and sure enough he had gone number 2. Well by this point I don’t know where I am and no one’s out there. So I found the curb and felt for the ramp but couldn’t find it, so I didn’t know what side of it we were on. I harnessed him up and listened to traffic but I still couldn’t tell. So I say forward and we went a few paces and didn’t encounter the ramp so we turned around and I told him forward and he kept slowing so I kept feeling and saying hop up. Finally I was just like, Jayden find inside. He took us right to the door!!! WOW!!!! What an amazing boy!!

So we came back and I dried him off and then we romped on the floor and then lay still. I could hear the massage therapist telling the dorm girl that he was running late so I knew she’d be coming to tell me so I put the leash back on and she came to the door. Jay went to his fleece right away after she left and chewed his bone for a bit and now he’s snoozin. So I’m finishing this up before my massage.

What an awesome dog!!! Ok I’m not gonna post this yet. Well, yeah I will cuz I might pass out after the massage. I’ve still got my box lunch so I’m skipping dinner. So I’ll have the rest of the night alone with my Jaybay!


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  1. That’s great that he found “Inside” for you so easily! that cue is awesome to have in your bag of tricks. For me “outside” from buildings is more useful as I get more disoriented once I’m in a place than getting into one usually, but those 2 cue are terrific to have at your disposal! Sounds like you had a nice relaxing Sunday!

  2. Oh, you are bringing back so many memories with my first guide and that week. Glad you have had such a relaxing day with Jaybay – sorry B couldn’t join you. That is awesome he was able to find the door! Ah, the massage sounds great, too.

  3. Are they having you guys pick up after the dogs yet? I’ve been wondering how that has changed with the new class lengths.

  4. What an awesome boy, lets you know in no uncertain terms that he needs to poop. Yea! Score some more brownie points for Jay!

    That relieving circle is disorienting as all hell. Don’t feel bad. At least you didn’t have happen to you what happened to me. The door locked behind me! There I was, locked out of my own dorm! I guess I could have walked around to the retrain entrance, but I figured it was locked too.

  5. Ro

    Yeah the first couple times we had sighted assistane guiding us verbally to the pile. Now I’m doing it on my own. That’s been the easier part haha!

  6. I’m loving following this adventure Chupa! Jay sounds absolutely perfect for you. I found your school’s website in a Google search and got to look around and even watch a short video, which was fantastic. I’m really sorry to hear that B had to cancel his trip.

    My mom and I already told Sheeba that Jayden might be coming for a visit this summer, if everything works out. Sheeba is very excited and talks about Jayden all the time! Mom and I have had to explain over and over that Jayden will be working so Sheeba shouldn’t get all hyped up about constant play time.

  7. I’m sorry B won’t be there, but it sounds like you and Jay are connecting so well!

  8. Fascinating Ro! I feel like I’m there with you, you know, a fly on the wall?

    This sentence drew a chuckle because well…

    Jay went to his fleece right away after she left and chewed his bone for a bit and now he’s snoozin.

    Does it sound like the massage lady was chewing his bone? LOL Sorry, it just drew a chuckle.haha

    You’re doing great! *pats Jay* Good boy!


  9. Hey Ro!
    I’ve been reading all your posts since you started training and like Becky said, it has brought back so many great memories. During your time at dog school you think so much about releaving and feeding and wonder if your doing everything right, and now you just do it automatically. Its exciting when everything is knew and you are getting to know your dog. Its good you are leaving him alone already. You’ll be glad you did this if your the kind of person who doesn;t want your dog with you constantly. I know friends who’s dogs go crazy when they are left alone but its only because they were never left alone at the beginning.
    How many people are you training with? I like reading about what other dog schools are like.

  10. Haha, that’s cool. I am so glad you two are doing so well. Reading stories like yours makes me want a guide even more. I just have to get the energy back first before going ahead with the home interview.

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