Doggy school – Dog Day 3

Ok so I don’t have any more pre-written so the rest is going to be from memory.

They came and got me and took me to the instructor’s office. I sat on a chair, and they brought Jayden in. I had tears in my eyes as I waited. They brought him to me and I cliped my leash on him and stroked him. He was just like, yeah whatever, another person blah blah. They gave me his details, yellow male with honey colored ears and a zipper pattern on his nose. Birthdate July 15, 2008 and that’s when I cried, when I realized he was in the womb when I went blind. 62 pounds, 18 inches tall. Wow. Then it was time to heel him back to my room. One of the apprentices helped me find my way and then we were alone. I was supposed to keep the door open so I was pretty quiet talking to him and crying a little. I showed him his fleece and sat cross leged in front of him. I put my hands on his side and he came right up to me and put his head on my shoulder and we just hugged. It was really amazing!

Not long after that, it was time to go to lunch. They came and showed me how to have him sit and lay down next to my chair and to just keep the chair legs on the floor so we don’t get the chair on his feet.

The others came and we all had our dogs and they all conked out next to us hehe. We make a long leash and step on the lease near their head and then drape the leash over our right knee.

I kept reaching over and stroking him. When I was done, I slowly backed the chair up, all the legs on the floor and Jayden yelped and jumped up and I freaked. The room got silent, all humans and dogs making no noise. The trainers sit right behind me so Pete came over and said he’s fine, he’s fine. I felt horrible. Had him less than an hour and he’s already yelping. Ugh. Well I found out later that he puts his paw right behind my chair leg, so I always feel now before backing up.

We went back to our rooms and then heeled the dogs out to relieve. I think Jayden urinated lol. Then we went back and got our harness and loaded on the bus.

They don’t want the dogs laying down on the bus so we had to keep them sitting. Jay kept “melting” wanting to lay down and so they had to show me how to get him to stay sitting. I make sure he’s braced with both my legs and it works best if his back is to me, with his butt kind of under the seat. Then I put my hand under his collar to keep him up if he tries sitting. When he sat for awehile he got a kibble.

We went to the downtown lounge and then harnessed up our dogs for our first walk. I was with Pete. So I learned how to harness him and we went for our first walk. Wow. I can’t even remember the emotions going through my mind. I was concentrating on what we were doing, listening to Pete. It was pretty crazy and amazing and empowering haha! I really don’t remember details about that walk. Maybe it’ll come to be later. Oh I remember feeling the motion of the shoulders like Dave had described on our Juno walks.

After everyone walked, we got back on the bus and by halfway through the ride, Jay was no longer “melting”, yay! Kibble!

We had some time before dinner after returning so I called Gamma and she got misty when I described Jayden. Then I talked to B. Then I think I sat with Jay awhile before dinner. We went to dinner wtih no incident. I felt him before I backed up. He does great in the dining hall.

I think that night there was a lecture on grooming but Pete saw how exhausted I was, so he told me to take the night off and we’d do grooming the next night. So I got to relax and shower and just be with my boy.

In the middle of the night I woke up to a yelp. I sat bolt upright and jumped to him. He was sitting against the wall and his tie down was kind of wrapped around his leg. Not bad, but I think it really scared him. I bent down and unhooked him talking softly and he licked my face and curled back up on the floor. I hooked him again, sat with my hand on him until I was sure he was asleep, then crawled back into bed. Is that how mothers are with babies?

So two yelps the first day. But now I know he’ll let me know when he’s uncomfortable haha!!

So, that was Dog Day. Seems so long ago and it was only Wednesday lol!!


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7 Responses to Doggy school – Dog Day 3

  1. First of all, let me say that i am sorry if i offended you. In case you’re wondering, i haven’t posted on my blog yet about your dog. I should have thought before posting it.

    Iwwww Jayden sounds so cool. I felt like a wanted to cry too!!!!

    I keep refreshing your page cause it’s so cool reading.

    I hope you have a really good time, and don’t get too tired.

    Take care, and Jayden sounds great. I hope the tension has gone away too. Xxxxx.

  2. Random question-
    How do you tell if the dog is “going” (potty)?
    Do you listen, or feel his body?

    I’ve always wondered!

    Toby’s Raiser

  3. Ro

    When he stops moving, I trail the leash and feel his back. If it’s hunched, I know he’s going number 2. I stand there “marking” it with my left foot until he moves, then I reach down with the baggy and pick it up. The urinating I’ve been able to hear and he goes as soon as we get in the circle.

  4. Finally getting caught up on your blog after a busy weekend – I’m so glad your back online as it has been great hearing what you’re up to at ‘school.’

    A huge welcome to Jayden! He sounds wonderful. I love that he has a zipper on his nose. I think I may actually have met him briefly – he would have been in the whelping kennels when I was there for my internship. He also has the same birthday as my very first foster puppy, though 5 years apart.

    Best of luck with the rest of your training, and thanks again for sharing it with all of us.

  5. Amazing. I’m so glad you’re writing all this up as you experience it. Thanks for sharing the emotions, too. I know that they’re very personal.

    And yes, that’s how mothers (and fathers) are with babies. In my case, though, since my daughters were premature, I knew they were at risk for sudden infant death syndrome, and I’d wake up in a cold sweat if I couldn’t hear them both breathe, even if it was just my husband turning the monitor off when he went to get them for me to nurse.

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