Doggy School – Chocolate Mutt Mitts

I totally forgot that I can write about what we got the instructors now since we gave it to them this morning. One of the students wnt to the winery last weekend, so we all pooled our money and got them three bottles of whine. They didn’t have any cheese or chocolate, so we used the remainder ot eh moeny and had a staff go and get See’s chocolate and some cheese.

One time after relieving, I was carrying a poop bag full and had the idea to put the chocolate in the Mutt Mitts hahaha. So Tuesday night, four of us got together and put the chocolate in the bags and then turned them inside out and tied them, just like the waste bags. It was hard to tell what their reaction was, but apparently later the chocolates were on a plate for the staff to enjoy and they were going to split up the cheese. Three people took the wine home. I’m glad we got the cheese and chocolate since not everyone drinks.

So that was our gift. Oh and we had stolen the basket that the towels were in in the loading lounge for drying dogs after the rain. We giggled so much Tuesday night I thought for sure the instructor who spent the night would have thought we’d been drinking hehe! It was fun. Now I want chocolate.


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  1. lol don’t ya love playing tricks on the instructors? Glad you’re having fun… Sunday you’ll be out of there! Ready to leave that fabulus cooking? lol

  2. Has it really been three weeks? Wow!!!!!!!! How time flies!!!!!

    How did you manage to make sure they didn’t throw the chocs out? Lol.

    Is Jay flying back with you? Obviously he will lol, but what i mean is will someone from the school fly back with you?

    I hope you have a good trip home, and good luck for graduation!!!!!!! What all is in your binder though that you get?

    Let us all know how Jay gets on with the cats, and hopefully you’ll post sometime this week and let us know how he is fitting in with your life!!!!

    Take care, and you can relax now. Well done again for coming this far, and although it was stressful, i’m pritty sure it was worth it!!!!! Xxxoxox

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