Doggy school – A break and my raiser

I know I’m not caught up with Thursday and Friday, but quite honestly those days are a blur anyway lol. I know we went downtown both morning and afternoon and I know Friday was a really hard day, but other than that, I don’t remember details. We just practiced working our dogs.

Yesterday after I waited awhile for my one on one, it was finally my turn. I met my instructor in the library and almost fell sitting in the chair haha. I tried to sit on the arm so I ended up with my right leg hanging over the chair. Jayden must have thought I was a little nuts lol! The meeting went well and Jayden and I are right where we’re supposed to be.

So after that I think we had lunch and then oh yeah I remember now. It was raining all day. We had the vet lecture and got to ask the vet all kinds of questions. I had a lot of things confirmed for me that have been the topic of much discussion on my guide dogs list. So that went well.

Then we had to walk our dogs through the hennels to the vet and that was challenging. Jayden took me to his old kennel where I’m told he had a girlfriend. I’m sure he wanted to say hello hehe. Then we had the visit with the vet and got to learn about his history. He didn’t have any major issues. An ear infection and kennel cough. Then we had to walk back through the kennels and it was feeding time for the pups. Jay would not work. He was too distracted. I did obedience and got his focus back but it was still too much. So I had to do high collar. That is horrible. I had an instructor with me and he walked me through it. You feel horrible, but neither of us are safe if he’s distracted. That got him back on target and we worked through the rain back home. Relieving was hell because it was pouring all day. I had my raincoat but I needed to borrow rain pants. I was teasing the instructor because he asked if I wanted an extra large so I got all offended haha! They have to slip over your jeans though. They were too big but they worked.

Then i twas dinner and yoga and then I passed out after final relieving.

This morning we got shown the gentle leader. It’s a halter type thing that fits around the dog’s snout and behind the ears, and then attaches to the collar. Jay handled it like a champ. Then we went downtown.

We were doing destination routes this morning and all the people who are going on the outing were going to decide where to go. Since I’m not going on the outing, I went first. My instructor said he heard through the grapevine that I might need an afternoon off. Really? Where did you hear that? Through the grape vine. Alrighty then. Is this like the internet magically working?

I asked if that would hurt our training and he said no, that’d we do our building work this morning so I could rest this afternoon. Works for me. So we did building work. Weird. Found the stairs and the elevator. Jay did great. When we were walking back he got distracted by dogs so I did obedience. Then I wanted the gentle leader so we put that on. He did great after that and was more subdued. Now that he knows I’m his person, he’s been walking a lot faster but I actually enjoy the stroll.

We were crossing a street and a car turned right in front of us. I didn’t even know it had happened until the instrctor told us. Good boy Jay!

We came back and fed watered relieved then had lunch. Taco salad yum. Then we had a quick talk about the speakers bureau and I signed up. Then it was time for ID pictures.

We carry ID cards saying we are a trained team in case we’re denied access.

Then we did a group photo. Interesting. Twelve humans, twelve dogs and the instructors. I was standing and had students and dogs kneeling in front of me. Jay did great and stayed focused. Kibble kibble!

Then I was free for the afternoon. I talked to Gamma and then made coffee. A student said I could have some of his gourmet stuff yum.

Ah wait lol. Before all the pictures, right after lunch, admissions came by to tell me about my raiser!

I won’t go into detail about this person because I don’t have permission, but I will say Jayden is the first pup they raised and they are young. Jay was raised with a cat! He also had dog pals that came by a lot, young children, lots of music, and he loved running up and down the stairs in the two story home. He’s so gentle on stairs with me; I never would have guessed he loved to run them. The raiser also mentioned that he loved tug. Yes, yes he does hehe! He was described as a total goof when not working but he knew when to get serious. Right on the money! I hope his raiser gets to come to graduation. Keeping fingers crossed.

He started having a bit of an aversion to the harness today. I guide his head with my left hand and put the harness on with my right. He’s started kind of backing away from it or turning his head. So once I get his head still and get the harness on, it’s praise and kibble. If this continues, I’ll mention it to the trainer. I think extra praise and kibble will do the trick.

Oh, high value they use are Iams dog biscuits. They really only use it for recall.

Hmmm what else. Oh we’re becoming a pro team at getting to the bus. He takes me right to it when I say find the bus. And, if his harness is on even if I’m not holding the handle, he’s targeting chairs. I can’t wait to do more clicker with him tomorow! I haven’t actually done it with him, but they are clicker trained as part of formal training.

So I think that’s it. I’m just relaxing this afternoon until relieving and feeding at 4:30 then there’s nothing tonight. Phew. Just talking to Gamma wore me out. Blogging is like my little soothing thing or something haha! Takes less energy to type than to talk.

I might post again later if something else comes to me.

Oh yeah, on those high values, biscuits are broken up. You’ll want to adjust their food if you’re going to use thos.

I also forgot to mention that everything is coming more naturally to me now. I know when to flick the leash or say hop up or curb, I know when he needs some sits and downs to get focused, it’s just all coming together, even with the fatigue. Yay!! I’m already thinking about going home. I can’t wait! Today is a week that we’ve been together!


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12 Responses to Doggy school – A break and my raiser

  1. Really enjoying reading about your time at GDB. Sounds like things are going just awesome!

  2. Holy snappin’ crap I guess it has been a week. Training time really goes zoom zoom zoom.

    Ah I love the gental leader. It’s a beautiful beautiful little tool, much to the chagrin of my poochers. She’ll let me put it on, but after a few minutes, she tries to rubba rubba rub it off.

    Yea! Jay’s been with a cat! Yea awesome matching! Wow Jayden was their first poocho! Super cool!

    I’m sooo happy things are going well. Ecstatic. Duuuude. You’re almost at the halfway point. Scary.

  3. No, Ro that was not me who told your instructor you needed the afternoon off. It must have been one of your other magical friends! Glad to here everything is moving along quite well.


  4. Thanks for remembering to ask about the treat, Ro! Iams biscuits, we’re going to get some, and we’ll adjust the food. You really have become an expert in the past week! You quick learner!

  5. Ro

    Mimi, I asked how they did it. You might try having her on the flexi for the first fiew times. When she’s playing or sniffing, hold your hands out palms up and say Cabana, come! If she comes, give her the high value. If you have to pull on the leash to get her to come, priase her but no high value. When she’s good at it with the flexi, try it in an enclosed space with no leash. When she’s good at that, get your husband or a friend to distract her and try it. Always do the high value when she comes. I think it’ll happen. Just give it time. Oh and they told me let him sniff and play for the first five minutes or so before trying it. They’re too distracted right from the start. And keep the sessions short.

    Ah Steph, thought maybe it was your magic again lol!

    Carin, how is Steve coping with Canada hockey? 😉

    Katrin, glad you’re enjoying. I’m so glad I can document this!

    If anyone else comments and I don’t reply, it’s cause I got busy again 🙂

  6. I love reading about your trip!

    Keep up the good work!
    1 week already?! Wow:)

    Toby’s Raiser

  7. Love reading about your journey. So happy things are going well with you and Jayden and excited to hear you got to do yoga!

  8. Ro

    I love the yoga. We got two sessions the last two Tuesdays. This coming Tuesday we have a night route, so no yoga. But the instructor had cds of the stuff we did so I bought one for ten bucks. I’ll be finding a yoga studio once I get home. I’m hooked!

  9. Hahah. Steve’s feeling happy so far. If I’m not mistaken, they just whooped Russia’s butt tonight. Hopefully I’m not mistaken.

  10. You’re so nice to ask them about how they trained the recall when you have ten million other things running around your head!! Thank you, it means a lot to me.

  11. Ro

    It was my pleasure!

  12. I have a Gentle Leader for my dogs, too. I never took the time to properly leash train my dogs because I have a small farm and they get to run and play every day. When I do have to put them on a leash though, I always use the Gentle Leader or they would yank me all around town.

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