Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 9 – Sunday on Monday

I wish I could say I feel better today but I certainly don’t. Once this humidity takes its final leave, I think the pain should subside. I almost forgot to post today and I would have been mad at myself, so hear goes.

There were quite a few posts since it was Sunday last year and I had time to catch up. We’ve already linked to a few on the actual dates, so the ones I’m linking to now were actually current. Huh? I don’t know either. I’m in pain. Sush lol. Ok This first post, written early that Sunday morning, was about the care package Natalie and Darrell sent me which was way cool. I still use the laundry bags, and still have some of the gum haha!! All the Pringles have long since been eaten though.

This next post is all about the awesome Stephanie who called GDB to get my internet working. Yay!

This one is about the first relaxing Sunday that was rainy and I was disappointed that B wasn’t there like he had planned before the car was a brat. I think there’s more to the post, I read it this morning but I can’t remember.

Today I had Jayden lay on me haha. I was just craving warm weight so I lay down on the floor and placed his front paws on my right side and his back on my left and told him down. He did, rather awkwardly like, are you sure? It really helped the pain in my hips. He got distracted by a Nylabone and we ended up just laying together. I love spooning him. My arm ended up underneath him and that helped the elbow pain. Cuddling with him is such a great comfort.

Alrighty then, not editing again. It’s my blog and I can be sloppy if I wanna. 😉 Here’s hoping for pain to go away.

Oh just read comments on that last post and yeah, that post has Jayden finding inside when I got turned around for the first time. Cool. =D

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