Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 7 – The day I got the internet

So now we’re finally to the point in the blog from last year when I had internet again. I explain how it happened in a later post, but basically that Friday, I just miraculously had internet and was so incredibly relieved.

So from the sounds of it, I had a really bad day that first Friday, and I think I remember the gist of it. There were major problems with me getting used to the relieving circle and keeping my bearings in it. I know that was part of it, and I remember that Friday going out on the back patio at the downtown lounge and sobbing. I remember laying on the bench and Jayden licked my tears away. Already he was comforting me haha!

Here’s the post from last year.

I was so distraught yesterday at not having anything written from the eighteenth last year, that I totally forgot to write something totally cute Jayden did yesterday. When I first started freezing Kong’s, Jayden would finish it and bring it to me and I would reward him for it. For some reason lately though, I’ve picked up the Kong not long after he finishes it. So yesterday when he finished one, he was sitting behind my computer chair and I felt around to see if he brought it but I didn’t find it. So I went and sat on the floor by where he eats it and he came over and I asked him where it was. He walked away and when he came back, he had it in his mouth and dropped it in my hand. So cute!!! I got all excited and gave him some kibble.

It didn’t work out that way today lol. He finished it and came over to me but hadn’t brought it. When I asked him to find it he just sat. Turns out he sat right net to it on the floor hahaha!

Back to last year’s post, I mention the puppy pool winners. I know I haven’t done a crochet phase report, but I can tell you all three projects are finished and washed, I just need to get to the shipping place. Those kinds of errands are harder than you’d think since I have so much to carry haha. So much for getting them out before winter…hopefully I’ll get them out soon.

So far this month is awesome. February 17th was my anniversary with Jayden and February 19th is now the day I talked to Matt Joyce! Can it get any better?


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3 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 7 – The day I got the internet

  1. Ah when I get it, I will love it just as much. Maybe when we get ours, we can do a whatevercast. I will try not to have it be such a trainwreck like in August.

    I remember when I got an email that was just like I’m online I’m online!
    Ah good memories. I know training was rough on you though. Hey was this the weekend Steph came over? Or did Steph not visit you? Can’t remember.

  2. Ro

    Steph didn’t visit, but she fixed the internet from afar. The woman who can get things.

  3. Ah, I knew there was a Steph connection somewhere.

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