Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 4 – Dog Day Eve

Oh man, a year ago was the day before I met Jayden! Crazy! That first Tuesday, I still hadn’t figured out the internet so Carin posted this post for me to let everyone know I had made it safely. Thanks again Carin!

So the Tuesday post was again posted on Sunday and I’m reading through it right now and I had to stop to write really quickly, because I mention in the post that doing Juno work with the rolled up carpet, I kept saying “good boy”. I remember when I had thought Insert would be a black female, but then when I worked with Juno, I called it a boy. Interesting.

I knew I wanted to write about the two dogs I got to work with that Tuesday. It’s been on my mind the last couple days, remembering the dogs. They were both male and I just heeled them up and down the hall with my instructor. We were told it was to give us a taste of working a dog, but thinking back on it, it must have helped the instructors know their choice was correct.

When they asked me what I wanted in a dog, I said I just needed a chill dog who wouldn’t wear my energy down. That was really all I had known I needed. The first dog I heeled that day was very chill and easy to handle. The second dog was a little more energetic and playful and while I had a good time with him, I’m sure I was more focused with the first dog, who turned out to be just like Jayden. I wish I could remember those dog’s names! I couldn’t share their names on the blog so I never wrote them down. Bummer!

That day we went to the downtown lounge for the first time and got an orientation, then did some Juno work with the short handle in San Rafael. It was much warmer than I had thought and it got me pretty sick. That night we had yoga. Oh man I miss the yoga! I need to find the cd I bought from the instructor. I’ve been thinking about that the last few days and can’t remember where I put it.

I mention in the post that I had hoped the yoga would help me sleep that night but it didn’t. I wonder if anyone sleeps well the day before dog day?

Oh, I was about to forget the link to the post haha!

Today hasn’t been the best of days and I’m just glad I was able to remember to post. Aunt Flo came pounding on my door in the middle of the night, showering me with pain. I absolutely despise when she does that. I had to cancel the gym today and have just been crocheting and reading “The Bullpen Gospels” by Dirk Hayhurst for the second time. Finished that up and managed a shower. I’ve got the insurance people coming tomorrow. I wish I had thought about that when he asked if Thursday would work. It’s my anniversary with Jayden and I’ve got insurance people coming??? Ugh. Bad planning on my part haha! We’ll be able to go for a walk after they leave though. It’ll be great to compare the walk from a year ago to the one we’ll take tomorrow, though I don’t remember much a bout that first walk with him.

I just hope I’m feeling better tomorrow. I can’t believe tomorrow is the first anniversary of Dog Day! Wow!

PS – I think rain is coming or something because man to my bones ache. I don’t like being a human barometer!


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2 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 4 – Dog Day Eve

  1. I definitely didn’t sleep well the night before getting either of my dogs.
    I hope you feel better.

  2. I remember the names being both spanish. Diaz and Pueblo? Or something?

    Yeah I remember writing that post. Glad I could do that for ya.

    Na I don’t think anybody sleeps before dog day.

    Woe man a year. It doesn’t seem possible.

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