Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 38 – He was sick last year, me this year, what’s up with the writing?

Once again I’m behind on recap posts. Luckily there weren’t many from this time last year because Jayden had gotten sick. He tells you about it here, and I follow up on it here. Non dog people beware of that one, it mentions stool a bit haha!

This one isn’t a Diaries post since I was waiting on a call from the vet to update, but it’s interesting to compare where I was then to where I’m at now. It’s also interesting because I very briefly mention Erik, and he’s coming to visit me in one week! Erik and I have been best online friends for thirteen years and never met face to face. That all changes in a week when he comes for a visit, awesome!

I think what stuck out to me most is that it was a year ago that I took an online fiction writing course and was really interested in writing. It’s kind of fallen by the wayside lately. I had fun doing the short stories here but I let that go. I really feel like my true calling right now, is writing my story. Too many people have told me to do it and going beyond friends, a baseball player/author and recently another published writer who I just happened to have a long chat with outside my apartment one day.

It’s so much more difficult to write the truth. When I write fiction, my characters take the story to places I never imagined. When I’m writing my story, I already know how the scene will end. It’s rather…boring haha!

However I really feel like that’s what I should be writing. It’s just a matter of getting bitten by the bug again.

Last year Jayden was sick, this year it was me. This whole week I’ve battled some weird stomach thing that left me absolutely drained. This coming week will hopefully be better and busy, passing the time until Erik arrives in a week. Fun stuff. Of course my life is all about baseball right now, too. =D!

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