Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 37 – Jayden’s nuances, stupid road and lots of pain

Wow, last year’s post is huge. It talks a lot about learning Jayden’s little nuances, quite fun. I also talk about the country road and got several good comments about it. An update on that: we still have no mastered it. Frankly, I got too frustrated and haven’t even tried to deal with it. I need friends to just walk it with me and that’s hard to find. I no longer have lessons with Dave and we left the road unfinished because there was just nothing left for Dave to help me with. I’ve talked with Carol about it and she says it’s just not a safe road, and really, it isn’t. It can be traveled safely and I can do it with my cane, but I know I’m tense walking it and I think Jayden picks up on it. That’s why I wish I could walk it several times with friends. When B and I did it once, I practically had to drag Jayden down the road and I hate doing that. It’s been months wince we’ve tried it.

It’s a bummer because I had planned for long walks in my home area but it’s not possible since we haven’t mastered the road. However, the routes I had thought I could take, aren’t possible anyway. They’re possible, but they suck since the city doesn’t keep the sidewalks clear of bushes. Dave and I tried it a few times but Jayden has to stop every twenty feet so we can get around a bush. Some of them are so overgrown we have to practically walk into a very busy road. So…my home area isn’t as great as I thought it would be for a dog. We still have plenty of places to walk in the complex though, so it’s not awful. I just can’t easily get to the store like I thought originally.

Wow that turned into more writing than I thought I would write about last year’s post haha. Today I’m in a good amount of pain. We just had a freak winter storm pass through and as the pressure changes, I’m miserable. My joints ache so bad right now I’ve been on the verge of tears for a few hours. We went to Gamma’s today and now Jayden is curled up on the couch.

He has taken to spooning the throw pillow. It is toooooooo cute! He lays on his side, literally cuddling the throw pillow. He somehow gets it away from the back of the couch. It’s adorable.

Hopefully going to the gym tomorrow will help this pain, coupled with the pressure change getting over and done with. The fatigue started last week with the approach of the storm, but no pain so I thought I was out of the woods. Yeah, I as wrong. Not even gonna edit this. Pain numbs my brain.

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