Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 34 – Great walks and some fine tuning

Ah, last year was a good day and so was today. Last year we did our first walk with Dave, which I was so looking forward to, in the old historic neighborhood where I did the brunt of my cane training. During the walk, the Thunderbirds flew overhead and I got totally excited. I had forgotten all about that until looking back on that post. Awesome. I was amazed at how much walking we had done and shocked when Dave told me it had been an hour. I had forgotten just how much faster it is with a dog. I experienced that again today because I used my cane to take the trash out, which I’ll explain in a minute.

Today has been good. My energy levels are staying pretty steady, *knock on wood*. No really, knock on it. There was a baseball game on this morning and as it was wrapping up I did some tidying around the apartment. B was watching a basketball game and then we ordered breakfast from The Good Egg. Yummmm….

Jay and I checked the mail and I’ve been working on that lately. It’s amazing how you can go lax on things without even realizing it. The mail has always been my landmark, so I’ve always made sure Jayden will do anything to get me there. He always gets a kibble or two there and since I could always tell we were there by sound and shade, I kind of got lax in his positioning. He had started to curl around expecting kibble. I hadn’t even noticed it for awhile because I’m intent on getting the mail or lining up to continue on. When we first learned the route, I had him take me straight to the boxes but he had kind of stopped doing that too.

So I’ve been working on it when we go now, telling him to show me and making him take me to the boxes, then making him heel before he gets kibble. Today he walked me straight to the boxes and stayed in heel position. Good boy!

After breakfast we set out for a walk and once again, he targeted the boxes just the way I want. Awesome. Today we just flew down the path, I mean just flew. Jayden really knows when I’m good to go and he just flies. I absolutely love it! It was funny walking by all the apartments. The weather was gorgeous, so everyone had just their screen doors closed and you could hear March Madness all the way down the path hahaha!

Jayden targeted the office and then the door to the gym and even though we weren’t going to either, I paused and made it a destination. Don’t want him getting bored of our route because it’s just damn perfect.

When we got home, I decided to take the trash out with my cane since B was home. A few times now, Jayden has taken me to the neighbor’s after I drop the trash. It happens so subtly, I don’t even notice it until it’s too late. I don’t want that to become habit. So he’s lost his trash privilege for now. I might pattern it this week again, just to reinforce the way he needs to go.

When I got the trash, Jay came running. Work? Sorry bud, you’re staying home. And I left. Ugh the stick. So cumbersome. And someone had left a comforter or something in front of the dumpster, so when my cane encountered it, I couldn’t figure out what the heck happened. I thrust out with my cane and wacked the dumpster so at least I knew I was where I needed to be, then had to step on the stupid comforter to drop the trash.

As I walked towards my door, I heard Jayden’s nails on the door plate, just like he does when someone comes over. He got all excited haha. Dude, I was gone two minutes. When I came in B said Jayden hadn’t left the door. He hadn’t been agitated or anything though, so that’s good. He just gave me a sweet homecoming, doing his doggy stretch and licking my face and even let out an exasperated whine like, what the heck? Haha! I went to the computer and he nestled in between my chair and the couch. I really need to leave him more often. I know we’re supposed to do that. It just sucks going out without him. Looks like he does ok, but I’ll have to do it longer next time.

So that was our eighteenth of March last year and this year. Both good days, for sure.


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  1. Glad its a good day. Good reminder – Cricket will curl around like that, too.

  2. Ro

    Yeah, it’s not a huge deal, but I want to correct it. It just gets him out of form. Didn’t notice all the little subtlties that have changed until I started recapping haha!

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