Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 32 – People are weird

Oh man I kinda wish today had been like the seventeenth last year. We just had a lazy crochet day. Definitely didn’t have that today.

I’m gonna tell you right now I’m not gonna edit this, because I’m flexed and tired after a bath and I’ve got a game starting soon haha. This morning I talked to Georgie for awhile, then took the laundry down. After starting the washers, which was a pain because I had to use one top load and one side load machine since others decided today was good for laundry too. I was washing sheets and like to do both loads at once. The front load machine takes a little longer so ti’s a bummer. Anyway we took the trash out after dropping the clothes off. For some reason every once and awhile when we take the trash, Jayden decides to do something different. We ended up at a neighbor’s apartment. I could tell something wasn’t right but not in time to catch it so I told him to find home and he found the neighbor’s. She must have seen us because she came to her door and chatted. She invited us in but I had laundry to get back to. She helped us get home and Jayden was being a little brat. I almost twisted my ankle coming off the sidewalk. I hate getting frustrated with him but gah. I’ll be caning the trash next time. Let whatever this is get out of his system.

When we went back to put the clothes in the dryer there was only one free. I wanted to start both loads drying at the same time so we wouldn’t need to make multiple trips. It wasn’t even noon yet and getting warm and I was feeling fatigued.

So we copped a squat and waited for someone to come amply a dryer. Finally a guy came in.

He asked if this is my dog.

No, I’m dog sitting.

Really? I mean, I know we all ask stupid questions but…I really had to bite my tongue haha! Then he tells me he’s seen us walking around here. Then you know it’s my dog…

He asked how long I’ve lived here and I told him, so then he asked how I went blind and I told him and he said he saw my tattoos and wondered why a blind person would have tattoos. Why wouldn’t we? I mean I got mine when I was sighted, but I want more. And I put purple in my hair. Who cares if I can’t see it?

Just weird questions you get, I gotta tell you. And I know I’ve had questions like that in the past too. We all have questions. It just sometimes really makes me laugh.

Finally after the laundry was done I ate something and then decided to pamper myself. Since the sheets are freshly laundered I decided a long bath would be great with my exfoliating scrub aaaaah…..bed is going to be heaven. Wish it was time now…

Ok *yawn*. This day wore me out. Coffee, where’s my coffee? Oh there it is.

Go Rays!

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