Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 29 – 1st time at Gamma’s and death of a bone

Last year, Jayden met Gamma and my uncle for the first time and I was like, we’ve been home a week, can you believe it? Haha! A week. Yeah, past self, wait till you’ve been home a year. You’re not gonna believe how fast time has gone.

We went to the gym today and Glenn was like, um, you need recovery time after that walk on Saturday. Yeah, didn’t think about that. Still floored at how much it zapped me but he said he’s not. Big difference. Did a very abbreviated workout today, taking it easy. Still went up a rep on the bench and added a weight for my sit-ups. Bascically I hold a flat weight to my chest while doing my decline sit-ups. I was up to three sets of 57 and just not feeling it, so I added a 5 pound weight. Only did seventy total today with the weight. Up to three sets of 8 reps on the bench with just the bar, which is 45 pounds. Still proud I managed that with how blah I am. Definitely a very abbreviated workout even with the additions. So I’m still exhausted and very much looking forward to doing nothing tomorrow. Haven’t even hardly been on the computer today.

I had to throw out the Nylabone Jayden got at GDB. Sad. He was chewing it today and let out a surprise bark that Gamma heard over the phone. Upon inspection, I discovered quite the sharp end. Rest in peace, first Nylabone. Good thing we have a back up.

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