Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 27 – Falling dog and errands

Last year was when I experienced falling dog effect that happens when a dog is so asleep he doesn’t even know he’s falling haha! We went to the mail and had a mild adventure, and Jayden met Lish for the first time.

Today was nice. Since B is still on vacation, I had him for running errands. I absolutely despise running errands on the weekends. Despise it. Everyone and their mother is out on weekends. So I love getting stuff done during the week.

I finally shipped out Carin’s blanket, one of the winners of the puppy pool. I’m sorry I didn’t ship them all out together, but I need to space it out. I’ll be getting the others out soon, since now I know more of what I’m looking at price wise, and I know the shipping place so theoretically I could take paratransit to get those out. Carin’s blanket was the largest one, since I made it more textured for her. The other two I should be able to carry on my own. So yay, finally getting a move on those.

We also went and got some yarn for the blankets for Japan. The idea is getting quite a response on Twitter and L^2’s blog. So we’ll see how many people we get to make blankets. I’m thinking right now, money is the best, but for the rebuilding phase, people have lost everything. So if we send blankets of all sizes, it’ll just be something a little personal for the people as they rebuild.

Jayden was very happy to get out today and had a romp fest with B and the Wubba when we got home, running all over the house. Good times.

Oh yeah, it’s weird that last year I was fighting a migraine and I am today too. Kinda strange haha.

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