Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 26 – Recap of the 1st big adventure and a weird guy

This time last year was what, our third full day home? Looks like the tenth is when we did our first experimentation with working and patterning at home. This first post mentions that I’m not feeling well at all, the weather is nasty etc. I talk about little things Jayden is already picking up, like which way the door opens and that he is to do his business on the landscape rocks which he hates. I hate them too. Picking up number 2 from large rocks is a huge pain in the rear haha! That morning we patterned the dumpster, Jayden in heel position while I walked it with the cane. We did some clicker with the dumpster and our sidewalk. I mention more about checking every little noise he made and wondering if he was bored haha!

The second post is all about our first big adventure. We had a ton of firsts all wrapped in to one afternoon haha! I patterned the mail, then we worked it. Against my better judgement I wanted to do it again. We got lost and had our first dog encounter hahaha! I had completely forgotten about that day until I ran across the post, which I titled “Hurry up and write”. I had frantically wanted to get the experience down and I’m so glad I did. That was a fun read.

Today has been weird. First of all, Jayden is himself again now that B is back from his short trip. Jayden spent the evening in the living room with B last night until he went to bed, something he hasn’t done in awhile. He’s glad to have his other person home. Jay was much more himself today, nudging me to let me know he wanted to play, having a good romp session, following me around the house instead of just crashing on the couch all day.

B went out to run some errands and I was getting ready to go get the mail when Gamma called and while I was on the phone, some dude came to the door saying he’s raising money for the troops or something. I told Gamma to hang on and the guy was like, I live with my grandma, blah blah. He just rubbed me the wrong way. He said to show he wasn’t slacking, could I answer some questions and I said I was on the phone and I stupidly blurted that I’m blind and couldn’t see what he was showing me. I never tell people I’m blind if they come to my door like that. Urgh. I told him to come back in ten minutes when my boyfriend was home and after I hung up with Gamma, I called the office. They are very strict about solicitors and said they’d check it out. We’ve got a no soliciting sign but people ignore it. It’s right when you come in the complex. So I was a bit freaked, but after some time had passed, we went and got the mail without incident.

I hate how fearful I am, but it’s kept me safe thus far. I don’t trust anyone, that’s for sure.

There was a great spring training game on today, Rays and Red Sox. Rays had the lead 5-0 till towards the end of the game when the Sox made it 5-4 then they took the lead in the top of the ninth off a crazy homer that hit a pole and came back into the field so the pitcher threw him out but it was ruled a homer anyway, then another homer gave the Sox the lead. Then the Rays got on base in the bottom of the ninth and then got a two run homer to win! It was awesome!!!

Now I’m gonna go try and get rid of this headache that has been hanging on since the creepy guy came to the door. B is home now. Counting down till my favorite burger and fries for dinner. Yummmmm!

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  1. Obey the ol’ gutteroo. What a weirdo. Sucky part is I’m pretty sure people know right away I’m blind since my eyes do the little dance a jig routine.

    Hahaha I remember you getting all weirded out by the noises. And the little yip yip dogs. Oh how far things have come.

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