Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 25 – Jay posts and I love peanut butter

Hehehehe Jayden wrote his first post a year ago. I need to let him write more often. I also wrote about the food snafu we had to deal with upon arriving home. Man, all the Science Diet choices. So glad we’re using Blue Buffalo now.

I gotta say I’m so glad we’re totally settled now. I had forgotten how nerve wracking it was when we first got home. I’m glad I’m continuing to look back and remember because this is a ton of fun!

Today we went to Saavi and everything went great as usual. We did have to squeeze into a small stall in the ladies room because the big stall was taken. I opt to squeeze him in with me rather than hold the leash under the door and leave him outside the stall. I’ve done that before when I’ve been with a friend, but I won’t do it alone. Jay is such a champ at squeezing into it though.

If you read the post he wrote, he talks a lot about the place with the whoosh thing and how often we visit it hahaha! He’s definitely a pro.

The weight is already coming off, leaving a more streamline feel around his last rib area. It’s amazing how you just don’t notice a subtle change when they thicken a little. I let him visit with Lisa and Glenn today since he’s been depressed. I’m pretty sure the reason was because B was out of town. I never mention it online when he’s not home, so I didn’t say this yesterday when I mention Jay being blah. He missed his other human!

B went to spring training games with his dad. I opted not to go, though the decision was rather agonizing. I just didn’t trust my level of spoons and the desert heat. Sure, in March it’s still cool, but when you’re in the sun it gets brutal fast. There was just too much risk involved. I might have gone up for one game, but not to stay for a few days. B and his dad had a good time and B saw ex-Ray, Carlos Pena, since they went to a Cubs game. Sweet!

Have I mentioned before that peanut butter is a miracle food? I ate it before working out today and managed to run on the treadmill, a first, and increase all my reps and weights. I’m still not fatigued. Peanut butter. Maybe it’s a warrior who can rival the spoon thief?


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2 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 25 – Jay posts and I love peanut butter

  1. Go Jayden. You’re such a good boy. Yeah I don’t like leaving Trix outside the stall either. Nononono.

    And I remember when you were like food switch gaaaa. And then you did it. It is a daunting idea when you don’t realize how much food will make a difference. I don’t think you’ve mentioned one incident when Jayden had an emergency crap since the switch.

    Hahahaha put the peanut butter on the spoon and you can keep the spoon! lol! Why do I think that’s so funny?

  2. Ro

    Hahahaa! Spoon thief eats the PB instead of the spoon hahahaha!

    Jay has pooped once in the house since the switch. And there have been no other issues, none. He doesn’t have that horrid gas and his coat is sooooooo much smoother. He gets so many compliments on how beautiful his coat is.

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