Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 24 – 1st full day home and not much different

There were two posts from this day last year, the first one being about our first night and part of the first day home. I mention how the cats were adjusting and how exhausted I was, but so anxious to get out there and start working alone. It was rainy and icky though, so we stayed in that first day and I was concerned that he was unhappy lol.

The second one is about the peanut butter Kong I gave Jayden, and more resting. I was such a worried new mom haha! It’s really fun to read the comments on all these old posts. Carin, you and Trixie took a walk in beautiful weather this time last year. Where’s your spring hiding this year?

Today hasn’t been much different from a year ago, though we did get out and it’s not raining. It’s a little chilly and quite breezy, but this morning wasn’t so windy so I made sure to get our outdoor stuff done. Jay has been a little mopey today but I have a theory which I’ll test tomorrow. The maintenance man came over today to replace my air filter and Jayden went nuts. The maintenance man always has treats in his pockets for the complex dogs, and I let Jay have a little piece, so he’s always uber excited to see him.

It’s been a long day and I’m looking forward to bed haha. Oh yeah, Jayden is seriously blowing his winter coat. Talk about crazy shedding when I groomed him this morning!


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  1. Its weird reading this all over again and realizing that was a year ago! Where has the time gone! Oh BTW, Leah is blowing her winter coat like mad over here too…think we might be able to fashion a small dog out of her left over fur lol!

  2. Wow. Neat to read weather stuff about last year. I remember how worried you were. It was so cuuute. I think spring is poking its nose around the corner and timidly saying hello. Trix can feel it in the air, and I can sense her spring fever. The sun feels different, warmer. It’ll be here soon I’m sure.

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