Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 2 and she called him fat

Happy V-Day to those of you who do the day haha.

Man I’m I glad it’s not this time last year. Last year was a Sunday and by this time I was all ready to go and was just counting down the hours until I would leave early the next morning. I was dreading saying bye to the cats haha! I remember there were a lot of tears. I had a lot of phone calls this time last year, one of them being from Carin which was awesome.

There was only one post from that day, and I mention the blog header I would be changing for the time I was at GDB. Here is what I had changed it to:

This is the true story of twelve strangers picked to live in a dorm and have their lives blogged. Find out what happens when people stop using a cane, and start using a dog. The Real GDB, San Rafael.

I also mention what would happen if I had no internet when I got to GDB. Turns out that was some foreshadowing. You’ll find out about that in the next few days. Here’s the link to the last post from home a year ago.

Today was somewhat interesting while uneventful. Jay and I went to the gym and on our way there, we picked up some more passengers. They get on the van and I hear a woman say, “That dog is as fat as it’s owner.”

I sat stunned. Jayden was laying down at my feet. I heard no one respond to the comment so I swiveled my head in her direction. “He’s fat?” I said, thinking that if she thinks he’s fat, she’s calling me fat too, which neither of us are.

“Not your dog, the dog out there,” she said, rather unfriendly.

“Oh heh heh,” I chuckled.

Normally if a passenger is talkative, there’s always questions about Jayden. These two said nothing to me the rest of the way, just talked amongst themselves.

I’m glad they were talking about another dog and another person haha!

Ah, glad I get to enjoy the rest of the day in leisurely fashion and not worry about a day of travel tomorrow! I’m rather happy because I got a call from my insurance company letting me know I’m eligible for dental!! Dental!!! Dental!!!!! Happy V-Day to me!

Ok the stupid crotch rocket guy just started his bike. Is it mean to wish death upon an inanimate object? I hate that stupid bike!


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  1. I’m glad you said something even if they weren’t talking about you. I don’t know if I would have been able to get anything out because I would have been so stunned. LOL

  2. Ro

    Yeah I couldn’t not say anything. It’s like, dude, look around before you speak haha. Though I’m sure we’re all guilty of letting something slip from time to time. But then she wasn’t even friendly or humorous about it. Normally when there’s other passengers, we chat with each other. But not this pair.

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