Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 18 – Route redemption and magic peanut butter

On this day last year, the bus to lounge route was redeemed, and I go in depth as to how I was feeling since I had majorly pushed through fatigue and wound up paying for it big time.

Today, the miracle of peanut butter made a huge difference in my work out. I’m sleepy now, but always am in the afternoons.

Ok took a long break before finishing this lol. Basically, I ate a peanut butter and honey waffle sandwich before my workout today. Usually I drink an instant breakfast because I’m not much of a morning eater, but I was out. PB and honey on toasted multi grain waffles are yummy. Except…burnt waffles equals PB and honey on multi grain hockey pucks.

They didn’t taste all that great since the waffles were burnt but holy crap did it make a difference in my workout. I haven’t worked out in two weeks and normally have to work back up to my previous level of stamina. Today however, I asked what my speed on the treadmill was because it felt kinda slow. It was 4.2, the speed I like to do but one that usually leaves me exhausted. Not today though; I didn’t even get winded.

I was able to do my reps in the weight room next with no problem and normally I get some fatigue towards the end, but not today. I managed the reps on the bench press that I was at two weeks ago.

All because of peanut butter? I’m gonna experiment and keep eating it before workouts. Glenn said along the marathon trails, they’ll have peanut butter sandwiches, so there’s definitely some stock to it. I was just shocked.

I also lost three pounds. Knowing I wasn’t working out, I made myself eat slower and as a result, I don’t eat as much because I allow myself to feel full.

After the workout, instead of sitting to wait for our ride, Jayden and I walked around. I’ve got seven pounds to lose and he’s got five or six, so we’ve got the same goal. When we got home I still had energy, so we went and got the mail.

Peanut butter? I wish I had taken advantage of the PB and J fixings they had at GDB. Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten so horribly fatigued. 😉

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  1. Don’t ya hate what you learn in hindsight?

    Our old roommate J loved him some peanut butter. Guess that might be why.

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