Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 17 – Final week and today’s vet visit

Today was a fun day. But first, one of the posts from last year answered some questions I had been getting about training at GDB. The second post is about winding down and doing fine tuning work in the last week, so really focusing more on what kinds of things I’d actually encounter back home. I had taken most of the day off since the class was going to San Fran again, and I was conserving spoons for that night’s redemption route.

Now on to today. It was time for Jay’s year check-up at the vet. Crazy how time flies! It was at 9am this morning so yesterday I scheduled a cab for 8:30. I had opted not to use paratransit since they’d pick me up incredibly early and I didn’t know how long the appointment would last. I was going to go with the cab company Gamma uses but I looked them up and the phone number I called led to a different company. Not sure if the name just changed, because both numbers I called had incredibly rude people. So I went with Yellow Cab.

I asked for a van this morning since those are more comfortable and he showed up about 8:40. He was much friendlier than the last guy haha. Though, he still didn’t let me know he was there. I think he called my cell, but I didn’t hear it in my backpack.

We got to the vet and Jayden was all wiggly happy. He tried to say hi to the vet cat by trying to jump on the counter. A no and a sit put a stop to that. Just too fun though, with all the animal smells and sounds.

The receptionist asked me some questions and then looked through my GDB booklet for me to find the health check form GDB likes to get from grads. They said only about fifty percent of grads actually send in these forms, and I vowed I’d be one of them.

We sat briefly and the vet cat came and curled up in my lap. He was so sweet! Then another person and her dog came out of the exam room and I had to get firm with Jayden, so the cat bolted.

We were led into the exam room where the tech asked if I had any questions for the vet and I said I just wanted to make sure Jay’s body was conditioned well and at a healthy weight. I was concerned because he weighed in at 71 pounds, same as he had at Petsmart, but I had believed their scales to be wrong. He just didn’t feel all that different from the 64 pounds he had been when I brought him home.

They took him to do his nails and it was so weird, having him gone. I sat waiting, afraid I’d hear a yelp or something but none came. When the tech brought him back, I thought he’d be all excited to see me.

He wasn’t. He was all about the tech. I’d been replaced. *sob*

We sat a little while longer and the vet came in and I helped him get Jayden on the table. It’s one of those that raises, but Jay was hesitant to climb up the three inches till I told him it was ok.

Sure enough, the vet said Jay could lose a few pounds. I was crestfallen. I swore I wouldn’t have a guide dog who gained weight. I watch his food so closely and feel the BMI all the time like they taught us. The vet assured me Jayden is by no means overweight and looks absolutely fine, he’d just like to see a few pounds come off so there’s more of a ridge between the last rib and the belly. I had noticed a little thickening there, but couldn’t remember if that was the way it was supposed to be. So now I know. It won’t take too much of a decrease. I’ve been giving him a heaping cup, twice a day so now I’ll just level it out. We’ve been getting out a lot more too, so I’m still proud of his weight even though he’s a few pounds over.

Everything else checked out perfect. Ears, eyes, nodes, coat, feet, teeth, everything is perfect. Yay!

The vet followed the info from GDB to a T, giving him parvo and distemper and not telling me I needed all kinds of extra stuff. I had brought in the empty heart worm and flea boxes since I couldn’t remember exactly what GDB had given me. Talk about a gulp when they told me how much the meeds are. WOW! The check-up and nail clipping and shot was nothing in comparison. Crazy.

Jayden didn’t squeal at all over the shot, but he sure hated having his temp checked. I felt so bad. But the vet was like, I’ll make all that go away with these low cal high fiber treats. Jayden went nuts over them as the vet gave him a few and handed me one to give Jay. Sure enough, all thoughts of the thermometer were gone.

And guess who else got a treat? Yep, me! I got a box of Girl Scout cookies! I don’t know why they are giving those away, but I snatched a box of Simoas. If that’s how they’re spelled. Yummm!

They checked me out while we sat in the exam room because some more dogs were in the lobby and it was crazy, so they kept us where it was calm. I called the cab and the dispatcher asked if the driver should come in for me. Yes please. I didn’t ask for a van, because you have to wait longer for those.

After we paid, I used the restroom and Jayden had fun guiding me through the maze. He did great even with all the animal sounds and a mean dog in a cage. There was even a bird squaking. But he guided me like a champ.

He lay quietly at my feet and I chatted with a lady who had come in to buy treats. She said my dog was beautiful and her sister has a yellow lab guide from GDB. The lady commented on how beautiful Jay’s coat is and what do I feed him and I explained about switching from Science Diet after Jay was scratching a lot. She said her sister has the same problem, so she’d tell her about Blue Buffalo.

This lady is a substitute braille teacher at the school for the deaf and blind.

I also chatted with the receptionist about a few of their patients being career changed dogs. She said she can see why one of them didn’t make it. She said it seems like he has ADD or something haha!

We weren’t waiting long when a man came in and said, taxi! We went out to the car and I played around until I found the best way to get us in the back seat. Works best if I get in first and scoot over for him. We got home after a pleasant conversation with the cabbie about Labrador, Canada where he used to live.

When we got home I gave Jay a Wobbler with the rest of the kibble from the treat pouch and midway through he practically yelled at me letting me know that he needed to go outside. All the excitement of the morning made things move haha!

After he finished the Wobbler he was all hyper so I got out the Wubba and he tore all over the house squeaking like mad. Then he passed out on the floor. I changed into sweats and when I made my way to the computer, I stopped to smooth out the towel on Jay’s couch and he proceeded to jump on it and fall instantly to sleep, breathing heavy.

The vet was way too much fun haha! That staff really makes it more like a party and you can tell they love animals. He got tons of compliments and pets and gave lots of kisses and wiggles. As it was wrapping up I was getting sooooo sleepy.

After Jay crashed I made some calls then collapsed on the couch to crochet for awhile. Afternoon coffee and girl scout cookies after lunch was perfect.

It was a great day!


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4 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 17 – Final week and today’s vet visit

  1. Ro are you a member of IAADP? They have a program if you are a member for discount or free heartworm and flea/tick meds of certain brands. And the girl scout cookies are spelt sm’ores. I know I was stuck BEING one of those girl scouts and selling the damn things. My mother’s version of torture for me…

  2. Ro

    GDB will reimburse for the meds and stuff. And Sm’ores? Weird. We always pronounced them Simoas. The coconut and chocolate ones?

  3. Yup those are sm’ores. As in “can I have sm’ore please? 😉

  4. I wouldn’t worry if he’s heavier than 64 pounds since ya got him when he was under 2 and they fill out a little. I mean you might only have to get him down to like 68 or something.

    And I still want cookies. Mmm. I really thought those kids who showed up at my door were going to sell me cookies!

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