Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 16 – Mismatched shoes

Hahaha I had forgotten about the mismatched shoes from this day last year. It was a Sunday, our down day, and I was going home in a week. I decided to take Jayden to the play area and one of the staff informed me I had two different colored shoes on haha! That never happens here at home, but I had two pair at school and wile they felt different, I think I was probably so fried it didn’t register.

That Sunday, two members of the fellowship brought in a meeting for me and the other guy in recovery, and I had a massage later. There was mention of the coffee cup debauchle and video I never uploaded. There was also high hopes of going to the gift shop, but I never made it. That last weekend was the start of the intense home sickness, I know that. I was so close to going home, yet so far away.

Today Jay and I went for a long walk and stopped in at the office to find out about the model apartments they let guests stay in, since my friend Erik will be visiting in April. I had completely forgotten that guests of residents can stay in the models for a few days. I let Jayden get a treat from the manager now, so he was happy.

I’m glad we see the vet tomorrow because he was walking much more slowly than usual. His nails are really long, too long. The vet will clip them and I’m wondering if this feet are tender since his nails have gotten too long. I don’t care how much we work, they don’t stay filed down like the vet at GDB said they would haha. Maybe those dogs that walk two miles every day because their person works, but not Jay.

I scheduled a cab to get us in the morning, so I hope that goes ok. I was going to try a different company, but they’ve changed names, so when I asked on the phone the guy was rude. Ok, you don’t get my business then. Going with the one I took last time and hope I get a nicer driver. I also requested a van since those are more comfortable with a guide dog. We’ll see how it goes.

Gonna make some more phone calls and work on my crazy squares, which I’ll write another post about someday.

Oh duh, forgot that I wanted to include something B did recently, because it’s along the lines of the shoes. Last weekend I was in so much pain I was crying on the couch and B asked if I needed to go to the hospital. I said no and to make me laugh he said, “good, because your socks don’t match and I can’t be seen with you like that”. Definitely made me laugh. I knew they didn’t match but they were around the house socks haha!

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  1. I remember thinking around this time how close you were to going home and how it felt like you just got there. And it feels like that all over again.

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