Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 14 – The only San Fran day

On this date last year, I recap the previous day, which started off great and ended badly. I remember that day clearly. We did a bus to lounge in the afternoon that was just bad. I know that route gets redeemed later.

In the morning that day, which was a Thursday that I’m recapping in the post, I went to San Fran for the only time during school. I am not a city girl, and as the fatigue was really setting in, I skipped the other San Fran trips.

We also did some clicker that day which is always fun. Looking back on that day, I’m grateful to have had a relaxing Saturday so far today, with the first game of the Rays spring training which will get its own post. We’ve got a nasty storm coming, and B’s car is in the shop, just like this time last year haha! We’re carless until Monday, which is fine by me because I don’t want to be going out in the possible snow, yes snow, tomorrow.

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