Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 13 – Laundry and baseball

I didn’t write on this date last year. I recap it the next day though, so I’ll have a link tomorrow.

Jayden was so good today. I’m telling you, he knows I’m fatigued before I know it. I’ve just learned to trust when he walks slower than usual, like he did today doing laundry. I’m better today but it’ll be short lived since another storm is coming. I didn’t notice I was wobbley until I noticed Jay walking slow. Then I took a look at how I felt and sure enough, I was a little woozy haha. Such a good boy!

Baseball was back in the house today! Not the Rays, but I wanted to make sure was working and it wasn’t so I called and they fixed it so I listened to some of the D-Backs and Giants. The Rays play their first spring training game tomorrow!!! Dirk Hayhurst will get some time in relief so I’m very excited to catch him pitch. Yay baseball!

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  1. your comments looked all neglected so I thought i’d comment. What a good boy Jayden! He is prob that used to you now that he just knows when you’re tired. He prob knows then to be more careful! What a good boy!

    I’m so glad that you have baseball to keep you amused now.

    I think i only had one major bad day on class, and that was like the last day lol.

    Take care, xxx.

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