Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 12 – Last year was better than now

Hammering this out quickly. It’s been another bad day. Got a massage tonight and even that hurt. It helped to ease the muscle pain, but nothing can be done for the nerve pain. We’ve got a front moving in this weekend and then hopefully things will get better.

There were three posts this day last year, the first one being about working Jayden in buildings and an afternoon off. Oh and what I heard about Jay’s raiser.

The second one is about playing tug, and the way he plays still hasn’t changed. Rowdy briefly and then content to lay and cuddle. Perfect.

The last one was about working Jay in the building at school for the first time and how awesome it was when he took me right to the table in the dining hall. I remember how amazing that was, to work him in a place I knew instead of the crazy city streets I had come to despise.

I’m glad I’m doing this, but I wish I’d be a little lenient on myself as far as doing it every day haha. It’s hard to make sure the posts are up. But I’m glad I’m doing it. Ok, no editing. Tired.

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