Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 11 – Video and possibly sick

Glad I got some stuff done yesterday because I’m feeling bad again today. This time I think I might be getting sick though. Or it could just be the coming rain, which is days away, but I tend to feel it early.

It looks like this day last year was pretty chill because of rain. We took the dogs to the play area and did obedience. We also had our one on ones with the instructors, though I don’t talk about that. I link to a video of Jayden sleeping. I sure haven’t done any more videoing. Oops.

Today we went to Saavi a little early to sit in on a meeting. They wanted a kind of spokes person for adjustment to blindness so it was another lady and me, who are there often and since I work out on Wednesdays, they asked me to sit in. I was going to stay to work out, but just getting ready to go wore me out and by the time the meeting was over, I was done. So they gave me a ride home. It was different for Jayden though, since he had to work me in an unfamiliar part of the building and he also made another guide dog misbehave. 😉 They tried to say hi but were quickly corrected. We ran into Dave too, which was nice since I never see him anymore.

I spent the afternoon talking to Carol and now I’m heading back to the couch. Glad there wasn’t much to write on from last year lol.

Oh, and it’s looking like I’m finally gonna meet my internet friend of fourteen years! I’ve mentioned him here before, my friend Erik. He’ll be doing some work in San Fran and is gonna take a long weekend to drive down and meet me! Tres exciting!

Oh PS – I’m having a weird issue with youtube. The player is black, according to B. I noticed a few days ago that videos weren’t playing. I think it must be a Flash issue, but other auto play videos are working on other sites. I think the Jayden video has me talking, but I can’t remember and I’m too fried to find the video on the accessible youtube site.

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  1. You were talking and hoping we could hear Jayden breathing. I couldn’t hear much, but I still thought it was cuuute. How do you look vids up on yourtube? By video ID? I could find it for ya if ya wanted.

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