Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 10 – Traffic checks and a cold shower

I’m starting this post this morning in case I start feeling horrible again later. So far I’m feeling ok, so we’ll see if it lasts.

It sounds like this day last year was a good day. We did traffic checks that day since rain was coming the next day. Traffic checks were fun, well looking back they were fun. In the moment they were scary as hell. GDB has hybrid cars to do these with and they took us for a drive in one before we started. You can’t even tell the thing is running when you’re inside it. Yuck. I remember when they took Jayden away from me so I could get in the hybrid. Nooo!

When we went on route, Pete was driving the hybrid and he came at us in all kinds of different ways. He might have been blocking a driveway and you’d never hear the car. Or he’d turn in front of us and Jayden would have to stop. Or he’d start backing into us and Jay would have to back up. The best was when he came behind us and Jayden sped up like a crazy dog lol! I think the traffic checks really showed me I could trust Jayden. Nothing like a vehicle trying to kill you to give you faith in your dog haha!

We also went to Starbucks that day and I had my mocha which made me very happy. I also got to have a mini meeting with the other guy in recovery while we waited to go on route.

Looking back on the food I got to eat really makes me miss those three meals a day hahaha!!!

I also found out that day that I was giving too much praise. We were just walking down the street and my instructor was like, why are you praising him? Because he’s doing a good job. But he’s just walking, if you praise him for just walking, it’s going to take the power out of it. Leave it to me to praise too much lol! I can’t do anything in moderation. 😉

Not sure what we’ll be doing today. It’s cold out and when I checked the weather, it’s going to be cold most of the week and then rainy gain this weekend, with highs only in the forties. I am in Arizona, right?

I scheduled Jay’s vet checkup this morning, so we’ll be doing that on the first. I can’t believe it’s time for the checkup already, wow! They’re also going to trim his nails. I had a friend doing it, but he hasn’t been able to, so Jay’s nails are quite long. I’ll probably just start making it a habit to go to the vet for his nails when they get long.

I’ll wrap up this post later in case we do something cool. Probably just our usual walk today.

Well the rest of the day turned out to be rather interesting. I was feeling better so I got caught up on some housework and phone calls in case I crash again, which is likely since we’ve got more rain coming.

I think Jayden knew I was feeling better because he took the opportunity to make it clear he wanted to play. So I held out the two Wubba’s we have and he picked one and took off. A ferocious game of tug ensued and when I won, I tossed the Wubba, which he grabbed and ran squeaking all over the house.

He came back to me and we were tugging again when the phone rang and it was Georgie’s ring. I was walking to the phone and Jay was trying to tug the Wubba out of my hand as I answered. The toy slipped out of my grasp and Jay stepped back and ran into B’s desk chair, which knocked the keyboard holder thing out alignment and made a terrible crash. I was grateful to find it was just that and not the computer tower. We played some more while I talked to Georgie and then Jay flopped over as if to say, thanks, needed that, time for a nap.

I talked with Georgie for awhile and then got in the shower. Sunday’s shower is when the fatigue hit, so I wondered how today would go. I was almost done, just had to wash my face and rinse conditioner out of my hair when the water suddenly ran cold. I shrieked and moved the spray, thinking the hot water would come back. I scrubbed my face and then rinsed it under the cold water, my breath coming in gasps it was so cold. I braced myself to rinse the conditioner out of my hair when the cold water went to a trickle. Ack!

So I then had to stick my head under the ice cold trickle of water to get the conditioner out and I kept shrieking. I could hear Jayden run into the bathroom at my screams so I forced some giggles to let him know I was ok. Quite the experience hahaha! Now I think my hair probably still has some conditioner on it since there was no way it all got rinsed. Cold!

I decided not to go for a walk today and Georgie seconded that idea since she knows how much pain I was in the last few days. Better not push it.

All in all its been a good day and though Jay didn’t get to work, he sure had a good play session. Oh and a half a banana. I love asking him if he wants a banana. He jumps straight up in the air and side to side. Hilarious!

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