Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 1

I’ve decided to do a recap of this time last year. Not really sure if recap is the right word, since I’ll be talking about current stuff mixed in with links to posts from last year and doggy school. I meant to start this post much earlier, but got distracted by the shiny Dirk Hayhurst and his live stream of himself reading a few chapters from the next ‘Bullpen Gospels’ book. It was tres cool so now I’m firing off this post before I start to wind down for the night.

When I was looking back on the thirteenth of last year, I had to laugh because the first of three posts listed that day was a survey I took as a boredom time filler haha. I remember it well because it was a Saturday night before Valentine’s Day and I was leaving for GDB on Monday. I remember filling out the survey to kill some time. I think the funniest thing about it was a question about hair, which I described as black, long and straight. And now it’s shades of brown and short. Here’s the link to that post.

The second post that day was all about B paying the Comcast bill and dealing with Silicone Sally. We were wrapping everything up and paying bills and such, because after B dropped me off at the airport, he was going to drive to San Rafael and visit me at GDB. Some of you know what happened with that, but I’ll get to that when I write on the fifteenth. Click here for the Silicone Sally post.

Oops there were four posts I wrote a year ago. The third was a quick landing strip post, the ones I do with search queries that land people here to the Roof. I’ve got one about ready to go that should be fun. Here’s a brief ‘They landed here’ post from a year ago. Coke in the laundry anyone?

The last post written a year ago was about the send off Carin and Steve gave me with a recording over an hour long. If you’ve seen us reference Mafia Guy Bladder, that post explains it.

I wish I had thought to start recapping last year sooner, but you can always go raid the archives. I remember it being a very scary and emotional time, mixed with excitement and accomplishment, since I wasn’t even two years blind when I got on that plane to meet Insert who turned out to be Jayden.

I’m really excited to recap the next few weeks and remember class, and I’ll probably go a little beyond that to remember the transitioning once we got home.

Phew, ok, got that post hammered out, time for Jay’s nightly treat to get him to drink some water and then I’ll edit and post. YYes, I bribe him to drink at seven so he’ll pee before bed. 😉

Doing a quick edit of this post, I remembered all my half packed luggage that was all over the house haha!

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

    Rudy’s Raiser

    P.S. We are doing a Valentine’s Giveaway; over at our blog… we’d love for you to enter!

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