Doggy Diaries – Where are we?

I’ve started getting the ‘where are you’ emails hehe. Those are always so nice; makes me feel loved.

Time just got away from me. I’ve been doing a lot of movie downloading and finding ways to occupy Jayden now that it’s hot. I tend to get pretty down in the summer because the heat is just so oppressive.

We’re doing well though. Friday on the lesson with Dave, we went to Petsmart. I wanted to get Jayden weighed and talk to them about grooming. Dave was there, but he just shadowed us. He didn’t offer any help unless I asked for it, which I didn’t. I found a sales person and she was awesome. She helped me look at collars, which I was disappointed in. They don’t have the Martingales like the school gave me. Then I got some more Kong stuffers and weighed Jayden. Eek! He’s gained a couple pounds. A little while ago, I was doing my touch thing GDB taught us, having the dog standing in front of you and running your hands along the side. They said you should be able to feel ribs, but not too easily and they should have an obvious waist. It seemed to me like he had gotten a little thin, so I increased his food by a quarter cup. Well, lesson learned, no more changing food unless I actually weigh him. I had decreased when we got hom, because the school vet said most guide dogs gain weight when they get home. Unless you live in a huge city and go all over the place every day, they’re not moving as much as they do at school. I will not have an overweight dog haha! So I took the vet’s advice and decreased when we got hom. The first weigh in showed him right on track, so I’ll keep feeding that amount. I just thought he might lose in the summer.

Upon talking to them about grooming, I found out they do nail trimming and ear cleaning for like fourteen bucks. Sweet! GDB had told us we wouldn’t need to trim the dog’s nails because the pavement will keep them worn down, but that’s not the case with Jayden. His nails were growing like weeds. Petsmart told me that yeah, the nails will wear, but the quick will still grow, so they recommend a nail trimming once a month. Jayden did great. They were all amazed that he’s not even two. They trim the nails and then file them with a dremmel thing. I won’t do the ear cleaning again though. They use an alcohol based cleaner that I don’t like. Since I do them regularly, I won’t have Petsmart do them when I get his nails clipped.

The associate helped me to the register and we were done. I certainly hadn’t been expecting to get Jay a pedicure hehe. But so glad I did. I’m sure the booties will be more comfortable now.

Dave said Jay won’t have to wear the booties all the time. As long as he’s moving, like from the car to a store or something, it’s ok. But I always have them with me just in case for some reason we end up on hot pavement and he has to be still.

He’s adjusting to the heat ok. I freaked out last week and Called Dave because of Jayden’s breathing as he was cooling off, but Dave said that’s how they cool off. I keep a konsicle at the ready for hot days.

His work is still flawless, and he’s out of the kennel now. He was still unsure about things, so I took an old comforter out of the closet and laid it next to my bed. Jayden loves it! He goes and lays down there in the middle of the day haha. Last night he went right for it and ignored the kennel, settled down nicely, and we went to bed. I love having him right there were I can touch him.

Yesterday while making my bed, I pulled something in my back. So all day I was in a ton of pain and it hasn’t improved this morning. Bending over hurts like hell. I’m living on a heating pad and trying to pop whatever slipped back into place. I had hoped it was muscular, but I don’t think so. I’ve got a text into my osteopath friend to see what she says. Just one more thing to add to making things boring for Jayden. GDB assured me my dog would be fine in the summer months as long as we did early walks, plenty of play and obedience, so we’re doing that. Jayden is always a happy dog. That tail never stops, so I know I’m just being paranoid.

Anyway, that’s about it. Been crocheting to movies in the afternoon. All three projects are coming along nicely. I got video of Maddie’s blanket in progress, showing how I prepare the scrump ball. I’ll get video of the other two to post after they’ve received the projects, which should hopefully be by the cold weather time.

The Rays are only a game ahead of the Yankees now. It’s become a race, watching what the Yankees are doing every day. Seems they lose when we lose and win when we win, for the most part. Arg, baseball can be so unnerving. We got beat really bad Friday by the Marlins. But, we fought to come back and while we didn’t, it wasn’t as humiliating as it could have been.

So, I’m ok, Jayden is brilliant, the summer will pass eventually and then the real fun starts. 😉


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5 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Where are we?

  1. Ro,
    Did GDB really tell you that you wouldn’t have to trim your dogs nails? That is the craziest thing I have ever heard! But that might explain why Wendy’s nails were sooooo long. I mentioned to Glenda that Wendy’s nails were really long and offered to bring my dremel to their house next time I was over. I did that, and Glenda was surprised how short Wendy’s nails were when I was done. Atleast now she knows how long they should be. Since I see them every week, I offered to trim Wendy’s nails for her. She was really happy about that!
    Glad to hear you and Jayden are doing so well.
    Stay cool!

  2. Ro

    Yep. I can’t remember if it was during the vet lecture or not, but I specifically remember them saying the wear and stuff from working would keep them ok. They actually seemed a little long to me while I was at school. I wonder if Wendy remembers that too? Dave told me he runs his dog every morning like two miles and still has to trim her nails. Sooo, sounds like some differing opinions maybe.

  3. I remember it as you don’t have to trim them as often because there will be some ware. I usually get the vet and/or groomer to do it once every two months in the good weather, once every six weeks or so in the snowy stuff.

  4. I’m glad somebody’s baseball team is doing ok. The Jays have sucked since the end of the Yankees series. It’s been going from bad to worse since we last played the Rays. Today’s game is just freakin sad. Welcome back to reality, Jays fans.

  5. Ro

    We’re tied with the Yankees now 🙁

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