Doggy Diaries – What a lucky dog

I teased Bad News Ben about him saying “what a lucky dog” in a tone of voice that didn’t sound very lucky. He’s on the lecture cds they sent to review before I went to school, and he ended up being one of the trainers in my class, though not my primary trainer. He would say “what a lucky dog” at the exact right moments after I teased him about it, either while I was already laughing, or when I needed a pick me up, and he was also a big help to me while I was in class.

So yesterday I was going to go out with Dave and I was really looking forward to it. I kept thinking about all the things we could do, and finally decided that I wanted to go back to the beautiful historic neighborhood where we did a lot of my cane training. I thought a nice relaxing walk with Jayden and Dave was just what I wanted. So I got us all ready and we waited. Dave was late so I called him. I asked if we were meeting and he asked if anyone had called me. No. He’s ok, but he was involved in a car accident on the way to work. He wasn’t hit, but a tire rim flew off a truck and shattered the window behind his head. Ick. He went to the scene to give first aide and then waited to give a statement as a witness.

He told me this and then said he could come get me and go to Saavi but it was really all he was up for. I said no, you’re shaken, just take it easy, and he was grateful one of us was thinking clearly lol. I told him to go have a stiff drink and get pampered by his wife. We hung up and I thanked God that Dave was ok. I think I’d have a nervous breakdown if he got hurt. He was a huge source of strength to me while at school, knowing I was coming home to his mild manner and smooth temperment to continue training with Jayden.

I felt bad that I got Jayden all ready and then we weren’t going anywhere, so I took him out for more patterning. Once again, I should have quit while ahead, but we were working something really easy and I didn’t see the potential for getting lost. Ha! We ended up on the wrong sidewalk, my bad, should have noticed the veer or rather acted on it when I noticed it but I’m really working on trusting Jayden. Once again, I heard a person, once again, I tried to figure it out, once again, I asked for help, once again, I didn’t have my cell phone. I think I need kibble reward or something to remind me hahaha!!!

So we came back and I called Kevin to see about going to Petco for a kennel. He was free in the afternoon, yay! So he came and got us and we stopped at Walgreens and I worked Jay from the truck inside and he did great. Coming out, there was a dog distraction. Seriously, why all the sudden is everyone out with their little yip yips?

We got back in the truck and when we got to Petco, I did sighted guide in the parking lot since I don’t know it. As we neared Petco, Jay was pulling. Gentle Leader time. When he pulls so hard he gags because I’m correcting him, it’s a good indication that the GL is needed.

The Gentle Leader is a bridle looking thing that goes around his snout and under his ears. The leash gets hooked to it and the collar at the chin. He has full use of his mouth but even so, legally the GL is a muzzle, so if you have a GL and someone tells you to muzzle your dog, pop on the GL and that’s your muzzle, then laugh all the way to the pet store knowing your dog can still use his mouth tee hee! It’s a gentle way of keeping him focused, hence the name. As soon as it was on, he was a different dog.

We went to the kennels and no one was around so Kevin got on the ladder and brought me kennels one by one.

Jayden, inside. Peaks head in. Nope mom, too small. He went through a few and then found the right one. Went in and turned around. So Kevin went and got a sales clerk to verify and she said yep, right one. She helped me find a soft bed for inside.

Then I wanted to get the Kong cookies that Mimi told me about so we went and found those, and I picked up another Nylabone, beef flavour. I want my boy to have variety. I was feeling sizes and picked the one I thought was the right size.

We checked out and the clerk asked me if Jay could have a treat, which I declined. I was glad he asked. Kevin was bringing in the kennel and he said, “what a lucky dog” hahaha!!!!

We got it all set up in my room and Jayden went in and settled down. We watched from the doorway and Kevin said Spinelli jumped on top of the kennel, then looked in the door and took off haha!!

After Kevin left, I put the Kong cookie in and Jayden went nuts. He had it out in about 25 minutes. I felt him at one point, and after he had gotten the cookie broken, he actually got on his back, held the Kong in his paws, and tipped the cookie into his mouth. Wow. When he got the last piece I was like a proud mom who’s kid finally figured out that equation.

So I think it was a fun day for Jayden. It wore me out, but I still managed a good game of tug with the rope Mimi got him.

We also had some excitement when a neighbor needed to break into his house. Somehow the security latch gotlatched from inside and they were locked out. I asked Brian if he had seen the guy, did he really live there haha. Finally they called maintenence and they told him just to break it and they’d fix it. It took a hammer and my mom’s old railroad tie to bust it open. Crazy!

On the topic of relieving now lol. I’m sure this is fascinating. I know other handlers and raisers will get a chuckle or at least appreciate it though hehe. At school, we fed and watered first and then took the dogs to the relieving circle, where we had to do this dance to get them to circle. It was distracting for the dogs because we were all out there so it usually gook at least 5 minutes, sometimes ten if they didn’t go, to make sure they didn’t have to.

Here, Jayden hates the landscape rocks, but he knows that’s where he needs to go. If he walks on the rocks, I know he’s gonna go and he goes quick and then gets right off the rocks. This is fab, because we’re out there thirty seconds and if he gets off the rocks, I know he’s done.

I also take him out before feeding. He is going an extra hour now without going outside, now that we’re home. Well maybe thirty minutes to an hour longer than he did at school. He always has to pee pretty bad and how can he enjoy breakfast? I know I know, labs eat no matter what. But once at school, he had to go so bad he hardly even got excited as the food came.

So I got up this morning took him out and he had a loooooong pee then jumped off the rocks. I took him in and fed him, and our routine has been that after he eats, I loop his long leash around the couch leg and I hold his Nylabone a bit and then begin my waking up process. Well today after feeding, I walk to the couch and sit down and he won’t budge. I pull his leash a little and he makes the strangest noise. I interpreted it as, MOM!!! NO!!!! I NEED TO GO BACK OUTSIDE!!!! So I took him out where he got on the rocks and made a deposit hahaha!!!

I’m so glad I’m reading him right.

So we go in and I tied him down and give him the new Nylabone which is huge lol! I misjudged the size. It’s beef flavored and huge. He loves it! I got on the computer and he chewed, then he stopped and put his head on the couch, his cue for please let me up. So I let him up and he lays for five minutes, then puts his two front feet on the floor with his butt and back legs on the couch and chews the bone some more haha!! I don’t allow the bone on the couch. Then he was done again and asked to be let on the couch, where he has been happily snoozing while I do my computer thing.

I think we’re definitely in a routine now. Now to get adjusted to the weekend, where we will need to be quiet until noon while B is home lol. I’ll probably take him for a walk when he starts looking at me like, ok I napped, you got caught up on that white thing, now what?

I spoil him and I love it. What a lucky dog.


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5 Responses to Doggy Diaries – What a lucky dog

  1. Everybody isn’t suddenly out with their dogs, you’re just noticing them now. Trust me on this one. I’m not even the one with the dog around here, but living with Carin and Trix this whole time has made me notice them more too.

    Keeping the cell phone with you is an important one. I’m spotty at remembering things sometimes so what I’ll do is if I know I’m going to need something I’ll put it with something that I absolutely can’t be without. Wallet with keys on top of the papers I need to take with me so I pick them all up at the same time, that kind of thing. So if it’s possible, maybe think about keeping your cell near your dog stuff or in a coat or something. Might not work and I’m not perfect at it, but I try.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how intuitively you can communicate with each other?! That’s awesome that you knew right away that Jayden was telling you he had more business to do.

    And he’s so smart, tipping his head back to get the crumbled cookie bits! Cabana can never get the whole cookie out. She doesn’t know she needs to crush it to smithereens. She eats half of it, tries to get the rest for a few minutes, then brings the Kong to me, like, “Mom, I can’t do it. Help me?” When I get it out and give it to her, I can just see her thinking, “Woo hoo! You did it, good job!”

  3. Ro

    Haha he tried that with the one yesterday. Tried giving up after he got half of it out. I gave it back to him and he finished it. He got one out today in like 15 minutes. Methinks that Kong cookie novelty will wear off fairly quickly.

    I’m usually good about remembering my cell phone. Don’t know why I’ve been forgetting it. Guess there’s been so much else on my mind haha.

  4. lol I remember laughing at Ben’s “What a lucky dog.” voice on the CD’s too. Sounds like you and J are getting along great, and yes, the little yippy dogs really do seem to come out of the woodwork after you get a dog don’t they? 🙂

  5. Yup you have more things to remember. poop bag, gental leader, kibble. The little ol’ phone gets forgotten at first.

    That stuff about spinelli is hilarious. And it sounds like Jayden is very good at telling you what he wants and you’re good at reading him. Go Jayden.

    And Steve beat me to the thing about the yipper yappers. They were always out before, they just didn’t really feel the need to announce themselves. Now you have a dog! A dog! A dog a dog a dog! So they do, and he does, and oh me oh my.

    And the adventure continues.

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