Doggy Diaries – Video/Audio: Jayden’s First Play Date with Rudy

Georgie moved into a new house a few months ago and got a puppy too! I’ve been dying to get over there and check out the house and meet Rudy, but we were waiting for him to get bigger before bringing Jayden over. Finally we made plans to get together for a play date yesterday and thanks to Carin, I brought my iPod and got several videos.

First I want to mention how excellent Jayden’s work was before we got around to the playing. Rudy was in his kennel when we arrived, but he was barking and Jayden lost his focus a little. A quick obedience session got him focused on me again so Georgie could give the tour of the huge house. Jayden did great, even remembering where the bathroom was when I needed it later haha!

We let the dogs sniff each other while Rudy was still in the kennel and Rudy was growling. I was a little freaked out by that, but Georgie said it just looked like he was anxious to play. She got him out and carried him outside as Jayden had to guide me in the back yard to take him where he could go relieve. He did fantastic on the rough terrain of the backyard, taking me over loose stones and showing me a pretty big step, even though he really had to pee and there was another dog there.

We let them sniff each other while still on their leashes and then brought them into the enclosed patio. I really like that feature of the house. The large patio is completely fenced in since they have a pool, so we were able to let the dogs free but they couldn’t get far. It’s the perfect dog run.

This was Jayden’s first play date since becoming a guide dog and I had no idea what to expect. At first he didn’t even seem interested in Rudy which surprised me until I thought about all the work we’ve done on dog distractions. I still need to blog about how well he’s done at Saavi with all the new guide dogs.

Anyway, eventually he figured out that he was allowed to play. I was giving Rudy some love while Jayden sniffed around the patio and Georgie went inside to get coffee. Rudy broke free of me and the dogs were off! Rudy started making this sound like he was hurt or scared and I freaked since Georgie was in the house and I called Jayden and couldn’t figure out what had happened and then Georgie came out and laughed. Rudy would entice Jayden but then run scared, making this whimper that wasn’t a painful whimper, just an oh crap I picked on the big dog and now I better un, noise.

Georgie had just set the coffee on the table between us when the dogs went on their second run. Bye bye coffee! Rudy realized he could fit under the table and Jayden couldn’t.

I finally remembered to get the camera out and I ended up with four videos. I think the audio is pretty good. You can tell which dog is which because Jayden’s panting is louder and Rudy’s footsteps are smaller. You can even tell them apart when they drink water. Eventually they shared the water dish together. It was so much fun!

Rudy is a lab/shepherd mix and is around six months old and about half the size of Jayden. Georgie says his lab looks really come out next to Jayden but he’s got shepherd coloring. He is such a sweet dog! And Georgie has a knack for training. She had him in a sit stay on the outdoor couch at one point when I took Jay into the yard to relieve and that six month old puppy obeyed. It’s cool for me to be around a puppy and think about how Jayden was at that age, eager to please but loves to play. He’s still that way. Ok, on to the videos, yeah?

Ok, this starts off with Rudy barking like mad, trying to get Jayden to play. They had already been on two runs at this point. The only barking you’ll hear in all these is Rudy. You hear Jayden growl in a later video, but Jayden never vocalizes at all except for that.

You hear me and my friend Georgie laughing and shrieking a lot hehe!

Direct link to Video One

In this second one, I was trying to get Jayden to sound vicious again, since I had never heard him sound that way. Georgie said his entire face changed when he was growling at Rudy, teeth bared and everything, snout all wrinkled up, wow! Georgie takes the boys into the yard and I end the video.

Direct link to video two

The third one is really short, but I think it has a good closeup of Jayden.

Direct link to video three

The fourth video is the longest. At one point Jayden chews on a mesquite pod and I’ve got my fingers in his mouth. At another point he’s making gagging sounds and you get an idea of how hovering I can be when Jayden is making odd sounds haha! Carol knows what a worrier I am. I don’t play with rope toys anymore because they always made Jayden gag. Rudy had one with a ball attached and Jayden destroyed the ball on it immediately. I think he was gagging because he had still been playing with the remainder of the rope toy. Unfortunately I wasn’t videoing later when they were playing tug with it.

We finally get Jayden sounding all vicious. I think it’s after one of the times Rudy entices him and then hides and Jayden’s like, come on dude! He didn’t do it as long as the first time though, bullocks.

Oh yeah, I had been paranoid the other videos didn’t record so I asked Georgie if this one is. The joys of blind videotaping haha!

Direct link to video four

Yesterday was the most fun we’ve had in awhile. We were there for a good three hours. A few times, Georgie took Rudy inside to give us all a break and so we could sit and talk and drink coffee. Jayden passed out and then Rudy would be back and they were off again. Rudy had only gotten to play with one other dog, but Georgie said he was much older and huge and didn’t really play, more just tolerated Rudy. It was a great match for the two dogs I think.

When we got home, we both crashed out on the couch Jayden told you about yesterday. I had gotten the videos off the iPod and was listening to them and at first Jayden didn’t seem to register Rudy’s barking, but he woke up eventually and acted as though Rudy were in the house hehe! We are going to have to do that more often. It’s the perfect safe location for my paranoia about Jayden’s safety and great company with Georgie. Best day in a long time!

Unrelated thoughts while uploading: Now that I’m hardwired, uploading to youtube is soooo much faster. I can’t believe I wasted so much time being wireless.

Today is Mom’s birthday. I miss you, Mom!

I wonder if I could blog every day until November? NaBloPoMo kickstarted the regular blogging again. I decided to do it every day in December. Maybe I’ll just take it one month at a time.


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4 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Video/Audio: Jayden’s First Play Date with Rudy

  1. I love when you can get dogs to play!

    When my friend braught her guide dog over to my house for something it was so good to have them both playing together. I knew nothing bad could happen between them since they were both guide dogs. I’m sure if we let them they would play all day!

    I am always nervous introducing dogs. I wish i could let ushi play with more dogs though.

    Take care, xxx.

  2. Ro

    I know, I wish Jayden had more dogs to play with, too. I knew I could trust Georgie and Rudy but I’d be very picky about who he played with. I remembered too late to bring a flat collar for play, since the Martingale I use can be dangerous during play since it has a chain in it. Other dogs can get their teeth stuck in the chain. I’ll remember to bring his play collar next time, just for peace of mind. I keep thinking he’s gotta be so bored here today with no Rudy haha!

  3. Hhahahhaha Rudy makes it sound like he’s breaking him in two! Aww it’s so cute when our doggies can play!

  4. Ro

    Oh I know, he’s so vocal!! Great sound source for the video haha!

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