Doggy Diaries – Update from school

Well I just got an email from the admissions department at GDB and they’ve received my medical information and are working on gathering that correspondence from my doctors. She said to have a current physical on file, so I wrote back and asked if May is too long ago.

She ended by saying they hope to see me in the New year! So, things are definitely rolling. I really appreciate that they seem to keep people updated. She said they’ll be scheduling a home visit in a few weeks, once they start getting information! I’ll have to talk to Dave though, because he said we might not be ready to show off my skills in a few weeks. But still, at least I know where I’m at in the process.

Just like the school updates the raisers on the dog’s phases haha!! Going to the gym soon so not gonna write more until later.


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  1. Woo hoo! Ah the waiting. May will probably be ok, but I’m not admissions, so what do I know. but they will need a TB test I’m pretty sure. And they wanted my tetenus shot to be up to date. So if it is, you’re good, but if it isn’t, I’m sure they’ll let you know. Good luck!

  2. R

    Yeah she wrote back and said May is ok. But now that I think about it, I don’t know whhen my last tetanus shot was. I think I might schedule a checkup just in case; I should probably talk to my doc about the exercise anyway. Yes, the waiting is rough haha!!

  3. Lord woman, I don’t read you for two weeks and I’m swimmin’ in posts! *puffpuff* I think I’ve caught up now. I’m gonna put you in my blogroll. Then I’ll never get behind again! *puffpuff*!

  4. R

    Um, yes. Ahem. I, um, blog, *a lot* hehe 😉

  5. It’s good stuff. You’re in my blogroll now. And I wrote a post about you. Here’s the link.

    Hope ya like it.

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