Doggy Diaries – Totally spinning making

Wow for those times you wish someone was videoing. I’ve been playing tug with Jay at night with the rope Mimi brought for him on graduation day. I keep the rope put up so he can’t just lay and chew it, because my Uncle had a dog die because the strings from the rope toy broke off and got stuck in her intestines. So if you have a tug toy, be sure and keep it put up. I also check periodically to see if he’s got any in his mouth, if I hear him licking air.

Anyway, enough of the serious stuff. I felt like playing some tug with him before it was timeto feed him, because he was bugging me earlier than usual for dinner. I took him off leash and was standing when I offered the toy, and he went nuts haha! He immediately started tugging it hard. Usually at night, it’s like he has to warm up before he’ll do that. When he’d get it away from me, he’d shake it in the air all crazy like. When I won it, I’d toss it a few feet away and he’d run after it and bring it back all crazy like, shaking it the whole time.

At one point when I tossed it, he got it and then I could hear him spinning, around and around and around in one place and I started laughing so hard it hurt. Then he took off at a run with it, run run run just about all over the house. I don’t have the cat stuff dog proofed yet, so when I heard him tear into the litter box room, I told him to come and he ran at me, panting wildly.

Then he was just done lol. He didn’t have the toy with him lol! I thought, oh great, I’ll never find it, since he ran all over the house. But he had dropped it only a few feet away. I offered it to him again and he didn’t want it. He was just panting. I thought maybe he’d need to go out after all that so I took him out but he didn’t have to.

It was still awhile before dinner so I decided to groom him. That’s the one thing I haven’t been good about remembering daily. But he’s throwing his winter coat so I vowed yesterday to remember it.

So I took him outside and man, I felt like I was covered in fur after it was done haha!!

Finally it was dinner time, and he only bounced a little bit. I could tell he was worn out. He ate and I took him out and now he’s crashed under the coffee table.

When I’m otherwise occupied, like on the computer or something, he stays on tie down for now. I ordered a baby gate on Amazon and also some pet placemats. Yep, you guessed it. Placemats for pets haha!! The cool thing is that their non-skid. We’re putting the cat food up on the table that we don’t use, and I was worried about a cat running and jumping on the table and sliding acrossed it like they sometimes do, and knocking off the dishes. This way, the food dishes will stay put hopefully, and the description said the surface is a little uneven, keeping the area clean as it catches loose bits of food. They’re also plastic, so they’re washable. If anyone expresses any interest, I’ll get the link. Man, maybe I should do that thing where you link to Amazon products and if someone buys it from your blog, you get cash. Hmmm.

I got off on a tangent there. The point I was going towards is that we’re slowly working towards house freedom. GDB recommends no freedom for two months, and I’m pretty much following that. I asked on my email list though, and most of them started introducing freedom slowly pretty quick, if their dog seemed trustworthy. Jayden definitly shows an inclination towards good house manner. He sticks to his one spot on the couch where he’s allowed and several times, B’s shoes have been within reach and he doesn’t go for them.

I was making a long leash, and looping it around the leg of the couch, so he still had room to get on his spot and be next to me. I wanted to give him even more room though, so I wrapped the tie down GDB gave me around the leg twice and clipped it to itself. If I completely undo the leash and clip the tie down to the end of the leash where it clasps, it gives him about another six inches. So now he can scoot under the coffee table and get closer to the sliding glass door.

Right before I started this post, I heard him inching closer to the door and sniffing, so I investigated and the cord to B’s laptop was pretty close. So it looks like maybe he likes cords. Gonna need to talk to B about that because there’s a cord kinda hanging off the new tv that he’ll need to tuck away.

Back to the house freedom though, there’s been several times when I’m observing, that he’s walked into the kitchen where the cat food is, and he hasn’t gone for it. I’m still not going to leave the temptation out though. By the end of the two months, I want to see if I can trust him around here, even when I’m writing a blog post.

It’s definitely a lot more fun when he can be free. Now that I’ve played tug with him nightly while he’s free, he’s finally accepting that he can get rowdy. It’s like at first he was holding back, not sure he really could. But of course he can. I don’t want to squash the puppy out of him. That spinning was just too much fun lol! I don’t think the cats thought the running around was fun though. I don’t think they’ve been out since haha! Poor things, just when they think the new animal thing is confined all the time, I throw this at them. I’m glad we didn’t immediately put the food or the baby gate up. I think it’s better to slowly introduce change to them.

Oh, and before the groomming I think, yeah, it was after he wanted nothing to do with the tug rope, he actually went and stood next to his harness and faced the door. It was like he was telling me, we haven’t gotten the mail yet. Come on. Haha!! So I took him to get the mail before I groommed him. This morning I put the harness on before Dave got here, and when Jayden tried to walk to the door I told him, not yet. And he let out this whimper like, why not???? Hahaha!!!!

We’re definitely adjusting quite nicely 🙂

Oh, I was just editing and remembered that I forgot to write about the other things Mimi brought to graduation day. She makes this stuff, and I’m not sure, but I think there’s a link to her crafts on her blog. She brought a little pouch for treats and another bag thing with a clasp on it. The little pouch didn’t quite work for treats, at least not for me, because I couldn’t get in there quickly enough. But you know what it works absolutely fab for? Waste bags! Haha!! I was able to cram in three Mutt Mitts. Keeps them nicely contained in my bag. The other pouch I’m using for my female stuff lol. That way everything stays contained and is easily accessible in my bag. She is so sweet! She also brought Jayden a sterilized calf bone, which I got all new mommy about. Hopefully I’ll have the courage to give it back to Jayden someday. She also brought a Kong and later told me about these Kong cookies you can buy, that cram down in the Kong. They’re all natural with no caloric content, so it doesn’t mess with his diet. He gets one a day and it takes him about fifteen minutes now to get that cookie out, no matter how hard I cram it in lol! So along with the rope, she brought all that stuff. Isn’t that amazing? I have such wonderfully kind friends! Cancel that, wonderfully kind *family*.


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  1. Cricket loves those ropes but is such a tearer/chewer she can only have it out on special ocassions like Jayden. Sounds like you guys are doing great! And I will remember to groom Cricket tomorrow – wish I could say I did it daily … the days slips by.

  2. Hey! I wasn’t expecting ME in your post, but you’re very welcome!! But okay, first, those cookies are all natural, but they DO have caloric content. It’s the sterilized calf bone that doesn’t really have any caloric content, since it’s just minerals and whatnot. But still, I think those cookies are pretty small, maybe equivalent to about 6-10 pieces of kibble or so?

    You’re right about the tug toy needing to be put away. GDB actually recommends that, too, not only because dogs like to destroy them, but also so that you are the one to initiate play, rather than the dog. How funny that you can tell when Jayden is licking the air when he’s got a string caught in between his teeth! That happens to Cabana, too, and it’s quite funny to see.

    I find with tug, for Cabana anyways, that she sort of matches my level of play. If I play kind of gently, she doesn’t pull hard. But if I tug really hard, she’ll tug really hard. When my older daughter and Cabana play tug, they really go at it, and Cabana even does a bit of play growling, which she never does with me, even though I often play growl at her. I don’t know why she doesn’t do it to me.

    I’m glad you found a use for the little pouches! I like your idea of using the squeezy one for poop bags!

  3. Ro

    Ooooooh. Wow see why I should talk to a puppy raiser rather than the Petco people? Eek! Haha, well I’ll be cutting out a little more kibble then. Good to know. Man, Jayden might have gotten fat lol. You know what I’ve heard about tug and some dogs? Some dogs will quit playing tug with you because you have become very alpha for them. So they respect the alpha, and can’t compete. So they’ll play tug with other people, but not their alpha. Maybe that’s why Cabana won’t growl at you? You’re her alpha. Maybe it’s a respect thing? Jayden very seldom growls either. He hasn’t played with anyone else for me to experiment, but I bet it goes back to the pack thing and the whole alpha roles.

    The guy who came to do the massages at school told me all that. His guide dog quit playing tug with him after they’d been together about nine months. He would play with anyone else, but not his handler. So he looked into it and discovered the whole alpha thing. Crazy huh? I hope that never happens with Jayden.

  4. Puppies just wanna have fu-un. Loved the “Uglies” reference!”

  5. I thought a while back about setting that Amazon Associates thing up on the Comet, but looking at what should in theory be a pretty simple process was getting me annoyed so I never did it. Maybe I should revisit that at some point. Perhaps part of the problem is doing all the description stuff they were asking for. How in hell do you describe the Vomit Comet to somebody? It’s easy to say just go there we have everything, but when you have to answer questions like what is your primary topic, that’s tough.

  6. Ro

    Yeah I looked at it too. It looked a pain in in the butt so I didn’t do it. Plus, I’m worried about income affecting my benefits, so when it asked for payee info, I was like, nope, not gonna do it.

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