Doggy Diaries – Too short

Well, B’s dad left this morning. We said goodbye to him last night since his flight left this morning at six. The visit just wasn’t long enough. It was so fun having him around. Every time Jayden hears a car now, he runs to the door. Poor guy.

The Melting Pot on Friday was awesome as usual. Of course, Jayden did great. It was easily two hours there. We were keeping track of the Rangers game on B’s phone. We caught the end of the game when we got home. We hung out for a bit and dad went back to the hotel. Oh wait, I should mention that before he left, I played with Jayden with the Wubba so he could blow off steam after laying under the table for so long. He plays pretty rowdy after being at the Melting Pot.

Oh, and at one point the manager had come up asking about our service because our server was new. She told us to give him a hard time. So at one point, dad asked the server if he could take the dog out. He laughed. I still don’t know if he knew Jayden was there, because as we were leaving, the manager said, “I hadn’t looked under the table. There was a dog under there!” Haha!

Yesterday dad came over in the morning and B wasn’t up yet, so we sat and chatted for awhile before B got up. B was going to drop his car off for an allignment since dad had the rental car, so we did that and then went to Borders. We ran into a friend there that I hadn’t seen in awhile, so that was nice. After that we went to the electronics store again so I could find out if they had any wireless keyboards that work with Apple. B got one and I was envious lol. They didn’t so we left. B said we could go to the Apple store later and eat at a restaurant nearby. We stopped by the hotel so dad could grab his camera. I should have some pics of Jayden to put up. I never have a camera around haha.

We came back to the house and ordered Jimmy John’s. Yummm. Then dad and I went for a walk so he could see the rest of the complex.

Holy grap is Jayden a water dog. He wanted so badly to get in the pool hahaha!! Dad had to help us get around the pool so we could go a different way. The initial way we went had a bush full of bees. Ick!

Once Jayden was away from the pool, he did fine. It was so great to be able to go for a walk at 2pm and not melt. The weather was really nice for the visit. It rained on Friday, which made me feel pretty awful but I managed to push through. Yesterday I felt great.

Dad went back to the hotel shortly after our walk and I can’t remember what I did after that. Hmmm. Probably tried to conserve spoons.

He came back about 4:30 and they went back to get the car. The shop had called and told B that the allignment guy had had a family emergency and didn’t get any work done on the car. So that was a bummer.

They got back and we finished the Rangers game and set off.

We parked a ways from the Apple store so we’d be closer to the restaurant. A lot was going on there at the outdoor mall. Jayden was a little distracted but not too bad. We had to go down some stairs and finally got to the Apple store. It was a mad house, as usual. I ended up doing human guide because I couldn’t hear very well in there. I checked out a keyboard and fell in love with it. It’s tiny as heck, very thin and ways less than a pound. B bought it for me and we headed to the restaurant. Jayden was getting more and more distracted and when we entered a pet store, we turned right around and came back out and I went through obedience with him. He was much better after that. We were early for our reservation but they took us anyway. I ended up doing human guide to the table because again, it was noisy and Jayden was distracted again, lunging after food on the floor. By the time we got seated, I was totally worn out. It’s hard handling a 65 pound animal who doesn’t want to listen lol. I should have put the GL on him. Hindsight and all that. It’s just so rare for him to be that way, but I know there’s been a lot of excitement over the last few days.

Dinner was great and we came back home and I started trying to pair the keyboard. I think that’s going to be a post in itself. Long story short, dad was reading the instructions and helping, which helped since I couldn’t see the light. It didn’t end up working though and I was going to give up for the night.

Dad decided to leave so he could get some sleep before the early flight. I hate goodbyes and was caught off guard since we had been working so hard on the keyboard. In a flash he was gone.

I set to work on the keyboard as a distraction but that was the wrong thing to do. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. Finally I gave up and turned the computer off and proceeded to break down. I really like dad and we had such a good time. He loved my dog and vice versa. It was just really hard to say goodbye after only three days.

I passed out pretty quickly when I finally went to bed. I was definitely exhausted, both emotionally and physically.

This morning I tackled the keyboard and it’s now working. I’m stretched out on my couch typing this.

I’ll have to do a post about it. So coming soon is that and the chair adventure with Carol.

I’m going to Gamma’s in a bit and I’ll take Jayden’s Kong Wobbler. I think Gamma will get a kick out of that. Dad sure did.

I’m really missing him this morning.


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7 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Too short

  1. AWw, sorry that he is gone, but glad you had a good time while he was in. I hate short mom came in for my surgery and was only here for like 3 days before she left again, and it didn’t seem long enough since I only got like 20 minutes with my step-dad before they left. I think after I am off lock down I will take me a little trip to PA before I go back to school 🙂

  2. Sounds like a good visit.

    So what’s a kong wabbler? Is it the kong with little nubbly doos all over it? If that’s what it’s called I know now what to call the thing I’ve been calling the lumpy kong that Trix’s raiser got her.

  3. Ro

    It’s like a giant plastic Kong with a weighted base. It has a hold in it that only kibble will fit through. You put kibble in it and screw on the base and the dog has to knock it around to get the kibble out. It’s like a Weeble. Weebles wobble but they won’t fall down. Some people feed the dog’s entire meal from it to keep them from eating so fast. I don’t think I could do that though. Just like anything else, I don’t think it will last forever lol. Jayden can’t really bite it, but he’s trying.

  4. Ooo! Trix? Christmas present? Want one? Ooo!

  5. Ro

    It’s a lot of fun. When there’s a handful in there, they’re easy to get out. When it gets down to the last one, you can just hear his brain kick into overdrive haha. It’s 20 bucks. There was a small one and a huge one. I got the huge one. It’s hard plastic, so I don’t want him to be able to get his mouth around it and break a tooth. He can scrape it the way it is, but that’s it.

  6. You got this at petsmart I suppose? Sounds really cool…hmm…

  7. Ro

    Yeah we got it at Petsmart but I’m sure most pet stores would carry it since it’s from the Kong company.

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