Doggy Diaries – Time-out, dog distractions and handler injuries

I can’t seem to write about baseball right now so I decided to write about Jayden, since it’s been awhile.

As per usual during the desert summer, we’re stuck inside, which is getting old really fast. I try and create situations for us to work, like walking all over Saavi after I’m done working out. usually it’s fairly uneventful and done just to exercise him. Today however, we had some fun challenges and an opportunity for a good re-work.

We were just starting out walk after I worked our when Lisa’s voice was suddenly very close, informing me I was about to run into her. Jayden was about to just plow through a group of people talking in the hallway, one of whom was Dave. Dave! Jayden hasn’t seen Dave in forever so I’m guessing he was going to walk right through everyone to go say hi to him.

I was laughing but quickly composed myself so Jayden wouldn’t think the mistake was ok. I had him sit, which took him a minute. When he finally obeyed after a correction, I pointed at Lisa and said careful. The group was nice enough to stay put so I could rework it.

We walked away and back towards them and Jayden slowed down and very carefully walked around the group. I got excited and kibbled him and then we tried it from the other direction. He decided to stop and “show” me Lisa before weaving us around her haha!

After that I was talking to another friend about his decision to get a guide dog and Jayden would not stay sitting. My friend was like, “I can’t wait to get one of those,” in a joking manner. Jayden was distracted because another guide dog was in the area. Turns out we had three guide dog encounters today, great practice!

I used a new technique I learned about on another blog. Sorry, but I’m too applesauce headed to find the post and link. Anyway, it’s the time out pose. With the dog sitting, you just hold their collar with your left hand, close to your body. It calmed him down immediately. He actually wasn’t acting hyper before that, just a little distracted. We stood like that as another guide dog team passed and then I worked Jayden into the lobby.

I swear to God I could hear him thinking, “uh oh, she’s never done that before. I must have really disappointed her. I’m gonna be totally perfect now! Sorry mom, I forgot I was a guide dog for a minute!”

I wasn’t even disappointed in him. He simply had a dog moment but it wasn’t terrible. He hasn’t seen many people at all lately except for Gamma and B, because we haven’t had any visitors in awhile. Hopefully that will change when Carol gets back, and I also found out today that Kevin is in town, yay! Hopefully I’ll go swimming with him and his son next week.

Jayden loves people, so I’m sure that’s why he tried to say hi to that group today, especially since Dave was there.

as part of exercise for Jayden, I get him riled up at least once a day and he goes on a run around the apartment. There’s not a lot of room, so he just goes back and forth along the length, running at full force and jumping into me. I’ve started crouching down and putting my arms over my head because he bounces into me pretty hard. I laugh so hard when he does this I think it eggs him on. a couple days ago, his back nails scraped my arm and it hurt at first but hasn’t since. Apparently he left a pretty good mark because even a visually impaired person saw the contrasting colors of the bruises today hahaha! She had to laugh when I said B hadn’t noticed it. She said to make sure I tell him a visually impaired chick could see it, so why didn’t he notice? I guess it’s pretty bad, though it really doesn’t even hurt.

You know what does hurt? Dropping a Kong Wobbler on your foot. I really recommend not doing that.

Jayden will be three on Friday. Can you believe it!!! Three! Wow. I can’t wait for a day of total and absolute spoiling. Not that he isn’t already spoiled. But it’ll be more so on Friday.

Next week he’s going to smell like a hippy since I’m taking him for a bath. I’m going to the self grooming place, but I’m actually going with the full service. They won’t take him from me for an hour and a half like Petsmart would so since I’ll still be with him, I’m gonna let the professional do it. I want nails clipped and glands expressed. If you’re wondering what that is, check out this video of Evan Longoria grooming a dog. I recommend not eating anything when you click that. You’ve been forewarned.


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3 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Time-out, dog distractions and handler injuries

  1. Holy crap. Jayden’s 3? Funny, I was just thinking about when Jayden turned 2, trying to remember when it was. I guess it’s now.

    Trix gets silly if she’s been people deprived for a while.

    I think Trix and Jayden must have had a virtual nose-wiggle because Trix gave me a nasty bump on my lip. The huppy was outside the apartment, and Steve let Trix out so she could join us. Well, she bounded over to me, but mustn’t have realized I was on the floor. Wompo! Lip, meet Trixie labby brickhead.

    I’ll have to try that timeout trick too. Yea milking training techniques off of blogs! Rockitudinous!

  2. Ro

    Darnit I forgot to mention my lip too hahaha! Yesterday I bent over Jayden as he was on the couch. I asked if he was hungry. This was so wrong a pose to have when I ask that question. His head popped up and ouch, fat lip.

    Yep, three. And the Huppy is gettin up there too eh? And he can almost say your name? They grow so fast!

  3. Yup the huppy’s 2 now, and he can almost say my name. He definitely likes saying Trixie. He saw Trix today and goes “Hello Trixie.” right off the bat.

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